Memes for a Monday

Well spring may have sprung last week but we are butt deep in snow in this neck of the woods. So let’s make a cup of tea, wrap ourselves in our Fake Fur Throws and enjoy a few giggles.

This is either for or from my dear friend Carole.

For Doctor Spo.

It’s nice when you have neighbours who care.

Romance is dead!

It’s just nice to see they are interested in older civilizations.

Not quite “What’s Cooking” but still a great idea for a simple breakfast.

The beauty of the English language.

And I leave you with this helpful list to see you through the week.

The word for March 27th is:
Ancient /ˈeɪn.ʃənt/: [1. adjective 2. noun]
1.1 Of or from a long time ago.
1.2 Having lasted for a very long time.
2.1 People of an older civilization.
2.2 A banner or ensign or the carrier of the ensign.
Late 14c., auncyen, of persons, “very old;” c. 1400, of things, “having lasted from a remote period,” from Old French ancien “old, long-standing, ancient,” from Vulgar Latin anteanus, literally “from before”.

Memes for a Monday

Well the feline memes were starting to pile up so let’s titillate our cat lovers out there. For Miss Maude and all the other cats who I know read this: we are laughing with you because we know better than to laugh at you.

The word for March 20th is:
Titillate tĭt′l-āt″: [verb]
1.1 To stimulate by touching lightly; tickle.
1.2 To excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically.
1.3 To excite another, especially in a superficial, pleasurable manner.
Early 15c., “pleasing excitement,” from Latin titillationem (nominative titillatio) “a tickling,” noun of action from past-participle stem of titillare “to tickle.”

Memes for a Monday

Well at least this week I have them up before sunset.

Let’s start the week with every middle manager’s favourite PowerPoint slide – a Pie Chart.

When you care enough to send …

But is that how the composer really meant it to sound?

A Dragon’s Den yes or no?

Let’s hope that Herman is a good sport about it all.

This reminds me of many a church potlucks.

If you get this you are officially an old fart; a really old fart.

You’ll hear more about the curse of the MacBook tomorrow.

This is dedicated to my former travelling travel companions Sidd and Juan.

Offered without comment.

And I leave you with this question to ponder:

The word for March 13th is:
Gnome nōm: [noun]
1.1 One of a fabled race of dwarflike creatures who live underground and guard treasure hoards.
1.2 In the occult philosophy of Paracelsus, a being that has earth as its element.
1712, from French gnome (16c.), from Medieval Latin gnomus, used 16c. in a treatise by Paracelsus, who gave the name pigmaei or gnomi to elemental earth beings, possibly from Greek genomos “earth-dweller”.
1.3 A pithy saying that expresses a general truth or fundamental principle; an aphorism.
1570s, from Greek gnōmē “judgment, opinion; maxim, the opinion of wise men,” from PIE root *gno- “to know.”

Memes for a Monday

As twilight descends Monday’s Memes come out of hiding.

Well it’s only sixteen days away. Yeah right!

Will no one think of the poor defenceless snowmen?

Why I don’t go to Starbucks – aside from the fact the coffee is bad.

I am remind of a school in our district originally called Scarlet Heights Institute of Technology. They changed the name

Great Bibical truths.

But was it free range and did you play Mozart to it?

Oh that’s what it is!

A thought to take you through the week.

The word for March 6th is:
Tickle tĭk′əl: [1. noun 2. verb]
1.1 A touch or delicate stroke in a manner which causes the recipient to feel a usually pleasant sensation of tingling or titillation.
1.2 A cutaneous sensation often resulting from light stroking.
1.3 Newfoundland A narrow strait.
2.1 To touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements.
2.2 To tease or excite pleasurably; titillate.
2.3 To fill with mirth or pleasure; delight.
c. 1300 (implied in tickling) “to touch lightly so as to cause a peculiar and uneasy or thrilling sensation in the nerves,” of uncertain origin, possibly a frequentative form of tick (v.) in its older sense of “to touch.” The Old English form was tinclian.

Memes for a Monday

As the sunset sinks in the West here’s some memes from the East to brighten (?) up your twilight.

Well it’s turned cold here again on the Island and I cannot lie we have dreamed about the warmth of Portugal or Spain and just flying away. But there is flying and there is flying!

One could always cuddle under a faux fur throw beside a roaring fireplace.

Well it does look suspicious.

I’m not sure if this was meant as a comment on Konrad if so it’s carved in stone.

There are many scared squids here in our fair town.

From a recently banned version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears..

A taste treat if there ever was one.

The glories of the English language.

Time for a pun …..

And a thought to take away with you.

The word for February 27th is:
Significant sĭg-nĭf′ĭ-kənt: [adjective]
1.1 Having or expressing a meaning.
1.2 Having or expressing a covert or nonverbal meaning; suggestive.
1.3 Having or likely to have a major effect; important.
From Latin significans, present participle of significare, from signum, “sign”, + ficare, “do” or “make”, variant of facere

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