Memes for a Monday

And this week it’s all feline.

The word for November 14th is:
Essential ĭ-sĕn′shəl: [adjective]
1.1 Constituting or being part of the nature or essence of something; inherent.
1.2 Fundamentally important or necessary: synonym: indispensable.
1.3 Of, relating to, or being a condition or a disease whose cause is unknown.
From Late Latin essentialis, from Latin essentia (“being, essence”)5

Memes for a Monday

It’s all canine this week.

Ain’t that the truth. My cardiologist won’t let me count my walks with Nora.

Now watch someone monetize this one.

He’s a catch – and probably more fun on a date than most of the lounge lizards.

I notice they don’t mention peeing on the rug.

Time for a Dad joke.

It should be an Olympic sport.

Well after all he is one of the family.

‘Taint funny Magee!*

Why does this look painfully familiar?

I must admit that when Nicky would see a bigger dog he became pretty fierce.

*Anyone who catches that reference is pretty old.

The word for November 7th is:
Fierce fîrs: [adjective]
1.1 Hostile and violent, especially by nature or temperament; ferocious.
1.2 Characterized by or showing hostility.
1.3 Extremely powerful or destructive.
From Middle English, from Old French fers (“wild”, “ferocious”), from Latin ferus (“wild”, “untamed”).

Memes for a Monday

Tonight being the Eve of All Hallowsmass I come over all witchy! No comment, faithful reader, no comment!

And I leave you with this thought:

The word for October 31st is:
Witch wĭch: [noun]
1.1 A person, especially a woman, claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.
1.2 A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.
1.3 An old woman considered to be ugly or frightening.
Middle English wicche, from Old English wicce, witch, and wicca, wizard, sorcerer.

Memes for A Monday

I’ve ended up with a pillowcase filled with Halloween memes so I thought I share the stash. And you can have any of the bags of corn candy⁄

Not particularly Halloween themed but I believe in helping to spread knowledge of the natural world:

The word for October 24th is:
Blood blŭd: [noun]
1.1 The fluid consisting of plasma, blood cells, and platelets that is circulated by the heart through the vertebrate vascular system, carrying oxygen and nutrients to and waste materials away from all body tissues.
1.2 A similar fluid in animals other than vertebrates.
1.3 The juice or sap of certain plants.
Middle English blod, Old English blōd, Proto-Germanic *blōþan, of uncertain origin.

Memes for a Monday

No witty (?) intros this week – just memes, memes, and more memes.

But I do leave you with this interesting question.

The word for October 17th is:
Conundrum kə-nŭn′drəm: [noun]
1.1 A riddle in which a fanciful question is answered by a pun.
1.2 A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma.
1.3 A conceit; a device; a hoax.
A word of unknown origin, probably coined in burlesque imitation of scholastic Latin, as “hocus-pocus” or “panjandrum.”

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