Memes for a Monday

We’re cranking the heat up and thinking we might take out our winter jackets so all we may as well look at a few memes and laugh.

Since when has 8c been June weather?

Patience, they tell me, is a virtue.

It’s sad when they fly the nest.

And yet most of us stay on Farce Book, don’t we?

Ah les temps perdus.

Sounds like a “discussion” in our house.

The ultimate definition.

Ah the culture vultures. They’ve never seen a painting of Mozart’s they haven’t liked.

I’m always to enlighten you with little known facts.

You knew there had to be one of these.

And I leave you with this thought as summer looms upon us:

The word for June 5th is:
June joon: [noun]
1.1 The sixth month of the Gregorian Calendar.
1.2 A girl’s name popular in the 1920s which is regaining popularity today.
Middle English 1598, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French Juin, from Latin Junius on the Roman Calendar.

Memes for a Monday

Yesterday it was sunny and warm, this morning it was sunny and bloody cold so let’s make this afternoon sunny and funny.

Hey I know I can find a recipe for that half of an onion I put in here only last week – well okay two weeks ago.

An unknown Caravaggio? *


Well now that’s a bit uncomfortable. Uncomfortable but funny!

I bet even you computer geeks didn’t know this.

I’m ashamed to admit I laughed.

And those ways would be …?

It wasn’t about the money. It was the art. Yeah right.

And I leave you with with this ray of sunshine to start the week.

*In truth, as pointed out by a killjoy on another site, it was painted in 2012 by Arthur Berzinsh. He calls it Siesta.

The word for May 29th is:
Sunny sŭn′ē: [adjective]
1.1 Exposed to or abounding in sunshine.
1.2 Cheerful; genial.
1.3 Of or pertaining to the sun; proceeding from, or resembling the sun; hence, shining; bright; brilliant; radiant.
Old English sunne +y: “full of sun,” early 14c., from sun (n.) + -y (2). Figurative sense of “cheerful” is attested from 1540s. Sunny side in reference to optimistic outlook is from 1831. Eggs served sunny side up first attested 1887, in lunch counter slang, in reference to appearance when served.

Memes for a Monday

As a believer in equality it behooves me to allow this week’s memes to go to the dogs.

This reminds me of a trip through the desert between Cairo and the Faiyum where … never mind.

Lives crowded with incident.

The rip and tear method always seemed to work for any of our hounds.

Oh the cynicism as if a dog would do that.

A best seller in our house.

Beats the disco moustache I some of us sported back then.

An age old adage in practice.

Oh Lord this sounds familiar.

Gross – but funny.

There’s another popular done in our house about wind rattling the windows.

I don’t care what St Paul or Sosthenes said to the Corinthians, you don’t had to put away all things childish.

The word for May 22nd is:
Window wĭn′dō: [noun]
1.1 An opening constructed in a wall, door, or roof that functions to admit light or air to an enclosure and is often framed and spanned with glass mounted to permit opening and closing.
1.2 A framework enclosing a pane of glass for such an opening; a sash.
1.3 A pane of glass or similar material enclosed in such a framework.
From Middle English windowe, windohe, windoge, from Old Norse vindauga (“window”, literally “wind-eye”, “wind-hole”). Cognate with Scots wyndo, wyndok, winnock (“window”), Icelandic vindauga (“window”), Norwegian vindauga, vindu (“window”), Danish vindue (“window”). The “windows” in these times were just unglazed holes (eyes) in the wall or roof that permitted wind to pass through.

Memes for a Monday

Well the file of cat memes was building up so I’ve done the best I can to herd a few of them into place this morning.

An extra hour is required if curtains or couches are involved.

And what’s the matter with sleeping with your favourite teddy duck?

And they make incredible catbbosa.

And cat condos – they have their own cat condos. Spoiled meowenials.

They do tell me cats can be very judgmental.

I’m trying to think of a papal name – somehow Pope Mittens the first doesn’t sound right.

Bad …. truly bad but I’ll post it anyway.

Been there. Done that. Had the souvenir mug but the cheap decal wore off in the dishwasher.

Here’s one for Ancestry.c0m.

The word for May 15th is:
Ancestor ăn′sĕs″tər: [noun]
1.1 A person from whom one is descended, especially if more remote than a grandparent; a forebear.
1.2 A forerunner or predecessor.
1.3 The person from whom an estate has been inherited.
Middle English auncestre, from Old French, from Latin antecessor, predecessor, from antecessus, past participle of antecēdere, to precede : ante-, ante- + cēdere, to go.

Memes for a Monday

Well after yesterday’s 20ºc and binding sunshine it’s back to chilly and cloudy so let’s brighten up with some smiles and chuckles.

We’ll start with a shaggy dog story.

It’s not like you can change it!

It took me a minute. Give me a break I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

Speaking of coffee this one is for Carole and the coffee brigade.

If this offends you just scroll on past.

Along with the COSTCO contest win, the package they couldn’t deliver, and that 2 million reward from the ex-King of Mabutoland.

A little poem by Shel Silverstein.

This brings back memories.

A truism?

For this to be a problem I would need hair.

And I leave you with this:

The word for May 8th is:
Dragon drăg′ən: [noun]
1.1 A mythical monster traditionally represented as a gigantic reptile having a long tail, sharp claws, scaly skin, and often wings.
1.2 Any of various lizards, such as the Komodo dragon or the flying lizard.
1.3 A fiercely vigilant or intractable person.
From Old French dragon, from Latin dracō, from Ancient Greek δράκων (drakōn, “a serpent of huge size, a python, a dragon”).

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