Heigh Ho Silver!

I’ve felt naked for the last month or so – no faithful readers don’t try and picture it! It’s far too near to the lunch hour and I don’t want to put you off your feed. Notice I only said “felt” so no horses were frightened on the streets of our fair town.

So why this “feeling”?

I was without my wedding ring for well over a month and it just didn’t feel right.

In 1990 Laurent was living in Cairo and we would often make our way down to the Khan Kalili Market on Saturdays. There was one shop we went to on almost all our jaunts. It was owned by Isabel, the sister of a guy my sister-in-law was seeing at the time. Most of the time we’d just sit, drink tea and chat and occasionally buy something. She had beautiful objects and jewellery in her shop and as we were “family” she always gave us a “good price”.

At that point we had been together for almost 12 years and decided that it was time we had some sign of a commitment that it appeared was going to last a bit longer. Laurent choose a simple six band gold puzzle ring; because I have a problem wearing gold I choose a four band silver one. We left them to be sized and polished. A week later we went back with our friends Jean Paul and Diane to pick them up. Afterwards we went out to the Mena House for lunch and a glass of something sparkling to celebrate.

When we were married back in 2007 we decided that rather than get new rings we would have them cleaned and polished. We had wore them for seventeen years and they meant more than anything new would have.

Over the years with cleaning, polishing and daily wear-and-tear the thin bands on the shank of my ring have worn, fractured and been oft-repaired. However this last time repair seemed to be out of the question. Several jewellers had said there was nothing to be done – the ring had seen its time. But we are fortunate that here in Charlottetown we have Darius Brasky, a jeweller-par-excellence* who always seems to have a solution.

Keeping the separate gallery bands he replaced the four shank bands with a solid band incised with lines that match up perfectly. A simple solution beautifully done.

And I now feel “clothed” and the moral uprightness of our fair Isle is once again safe.

*Walking into Darius’ shop is like going into Ali Baba’s cave. The sparkle in the surrounding display cases is only outshone by the artistry and imagination he puts into his creations. I only wish he had a website but unfortunately the only way to view some of the spectacular work he’s done is on his Facebook photo page.

November 14th is National Pickle Day – now ain’t that a dilly!

Lunedi Lunacy

A day late but …..

And here in the spirit of good old fashioned Political Cabaret – bloody hell that’s just too European! – a little song for the times.

Well I’m glad that out of respect I decided to delay Lunedi Lunacy for a day because:
November 12th is French Dip Day – quelle coïncidence! It’s also World Pneumonia which makes me question how exactly we are suppose to celebrate that?????

Lest We Forget

Let it not be said of us that we forgot!

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The above quilt was made by Brenda MacKinnon of the Highland Quilting Guild.

Winter Is Coming

Oh Joy! Oh Bliss!

If I didn’t know better I’d say that animal photographer Steve McCurry was around our place this afternoon and captured the look on my face when I saw the first flakes of snow! Okay fine it didn’t stay but they are forecasting more for tomorrow!!!! All well and good – it is Canada and we do have four seasons but it would have been nice this year is Spring, Summer and Fall had lasted more than a month each!

Snow monkey in Jigokudani Yaen-koen park, Yamanouchi, Japan, 2018
Photograph: Steve McCurry – included in McCurry’s latest book Animal to be released later this month

A left click on the photograph this rather sour looking Japanese macaque the will take you to The Guardian slideshow of shots from Steve McCurry’s soon to be release book Animals.

And while you do that I’ll dig around looking for my gloves and snow boots!

November 7th is Stress Awareness Day – and believe me both Nora and I had one of those days when we were more than aware of stress. And Nicky wasn’t far behind.

One Lady’s View

Well yesterday saw the last cruise ship of the season arrive and depart. The Oceania Riviera closed off what has been a record cruise ship season. A total of 87 ships disgorged 128,000 passengers and 55,000 crew members onto our ruddy shores. Our location and daily walks with Nicky and Nora meant that I met many of those visitors, often for long chats. The three top questions have been: Are you from here? What brought you here? What are winters like here? And the general opinions of their visit has been very positive. People seem to greatly enjoy their time spent on the Island.

But according to archivist and historian Harry Holman that wasn’t the case with at least one 19th century traveller. On his always informative blog Sailstrait Mr Holman reveals the Honourable Lady Brassey’s rather candid views on the Island and its denizens on her visit in October of 1872.

A left click on this illustration from Anna Brassey’s 1878 best-seller A Voyage in the Sunbeam, our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months will take you to her entry from that earlier voyage and entry on her visit to Charlottetown.

An illustration from A Voyage in the Sunbeam, our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months, Anna Brassey’s best selling travel journal of her trip around the world. A left click will take you to her private account of an earlier voyage.

Mr Holman tells me he has over 50 accounts of visits to Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island before 1900. He hopes to gather them together and publish them as a book. I’m very much looking forward to reading it.

November 5th is Love Your Red Hair Day – so gingers of the world get loving!