Memes for a Monday

Okay I did a search with the Hounds from Hell looking over my shoulder so that they could have equal time on here. I hope they are happy!

Or at least give a clear beat.

Nora had me up in the middle of the night last week and I decided to take her back to bed with me. These next few speak to that “once in a lifetime” event.


I just want to know how this guy managed to get the hound to leave him alone for a few minutes of solo time in the bathroom.

I challenge anyone to tell me those things smell good to any creature under God’s sky.

I’m still trying to figure this one out – I mean it’s funny I’m just not sure why.

You may remember we had a video of Nora’s yoga routine a few years back.

Hmm somebody’s lawyer didn’t do a good job at jury selection.

And suddenly they have jaws like steel traps.

Leftovers – hell in our house it’s: Cook me a complete four course dinner.

Priorities ….. it’s all about priorities.

Oh foolish man.

And notice not a feline in sight. The things I do to make those dogs happy.

The word for September 26th is:
Lavatory /lăv′ə-tôr″ē/: [noun]
1.1 A room equipped with washing and often toilet facilities; a bathroom.
1.2 A washbowl or basin, especially one permanently installed with running water.
1.3 A flush toilet.
Middle English, piscina, from Late Latin lavātōrium, from lavātor, launderer, from Latin lavāre, to wash.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Memes for a Monday”

  1. This post is definitely Uncle Pervy liked and approved. The squirrel mail one maybe because the person who drew it was aware of an webmail program called SquirrelMail, Webmail for Nuts. Thanks to Mr Google here is the history of SquirrelMail.

    The two brothers Luke and Nathan Ehresman founded the SquirrelMail Project in 1999, releasing the first version 0.1 on December 14th the same year. The name derived from the over-abundant squirrel population in Georgia 1999. The brothers were playing volleyball one day, and saw a squirrel try to jump between trees. He failed miserably and fell 40 feet to the ground. (Don’t worry – the squirrel got up and looked sort of embarrassed as it scurried away.) Because of this, they had squirrels on their mind the next day when they were coming up with a name. Considering squirrels to be one of the fastest animals, they decided to give the fastest mail service(s) the name SquirrelMail.

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