The Roads Oft Travelled

There are so many things that have changed over the last six months – some for the good, others to the less good (hey work with me here! I’m trying to stay postive!). For some of us one of the “less good” has been the travel restrictions. Laurent and I are, as are many of our friends, travellers if not by nature certainly by habit. And we haven’t travelled since September, unless you consider the jaunt to Moncton in February as “travel” – and we don’t!

However future travel has now become an uncertainty. Word on the Rialto says that cruising – oh grow up! – will be restricted until at least 2022. And given the news on happenings on cruise ships in the last week or two I’m not sure I would want to bob around the high seas in a metal tube right now. Nor would I – who have spent half my life in the air (hey I’m being serious here!) – want to be hurtling through the clouds in another metal tube. In spite of recent reports about the low risk of COVID-19 transmission on airplanes I just wouldn’t be comfortable. In my past life I was on an aircraft three or four times a week but I have never been a “comfortable” flyer. What risk there is would only add to the tension and nerves. They don’t like it when you stand up a scream “We’re all going to die!” And that’s even before take-off. They didn’t like it then and probably even less now.

So what to do? Well staycations to discover our own Province are one answer. Plus we are fortunate here that we have three other provinces, each with their own charms, in our “bubble” and a trip off-Island is possible. We’ve done the first and thoughts of the second are being mulled over.

There is also the possibility of just being an Armchair Traveller! Revisiting places we’ve been by going through the 1000s and I do mean 1000s of pictures on various drives – you know the old back-up of the back-up of the back-up of the originals – and recalling sites and sensations that may well have slipped my mind. Perhaps writing about many of those wonderful places that I neglected to highlight at the time. Or mining the past; looking back over thirteen years of entries and reblogging a few of the post from more memorable places we’ve been.

I think I’ll start tomorrow by revisiting a destination both Laurent and I remember as being one of the highlights of a wonderful trip back in November 2013: Granada.

The words for August 27th are:
Armchair /ˈärmˌCHer/: [1. noun 2. adjective]
1. A comfortable chair, typically upholstered, with side supports for a person’s arms.
2. Lacking or not involving practical or direct experience of a particular subject or activity eg: Armchair traveller
1630s, from arm + chair. Another old name for it was elbow-chair (1650s). Adjectival sense, in reference to “criticism of matters in which the critic takes no active part,” is from 1886.
A Google search reveals much discussion as to whither the adjective is pejorative as it seems to have originally been intended. Myself I have often enjoyed “armchair travelling” while planning a trip and see nothing the matter with it in times like this.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

3 thoughts on “The Roads Oft Travelled”

  1. Yes, even I of slightly younger years feel I’ve had my visions and can digest a bit. You have the whole of the Canadian wilds to explore, though, and, I believe, some spectacular train journeys. We have the rest of Europe by train…we’ll just have to get used to slow travel and set aside more time.

    1. There is so much in our little “bubble” that we have yet to discover. I only wish that train travel here was as far-reaching as it is in Europe. There was once a massive network across the country that gave way to roadways and airports while train service was neglected. I always preferred train travel when we lived in Europe and when visiting the UK. Hope all is well – thank you for the garden visits.

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