Lunedi Lunacy

So I was sitting here last night despairing – well perhaps not despairing but really wondering hard – about what I could post for Lunedi Lunacy. It’s been a few days since I’ve put anything up other than my hands in despair (and this time I mean it) at work. And that is one of the reasons that I’ve been MIB (Missing in Blogging) – work! What was suppose to be a three day work week has turned into five and a bit this week, five next and five the following.  So much for part-time!

But enough of my whinging – time for a bit of cheering up!  My friend Auld Hat had the habit of posting the occasional Russian cartoon on her old blog and they were always charming if a trifle sad and often very, very strange.  Last night when my FB friend Richard posted a musical cartoon by the now defunct Russian group Nol’ he described it in the same way:  rather charming the way Russian cartoons are, and a little sad.  He did miss out on the “strange” bit and I think this little gem qualifies for that adjective.

Nol’ was a rock group based out of St Petersburg in the 1980-90s and The Man and the Cat appears to have been one of their earlier hits. Not understanding Russian I looked up the lyrics and the cartoon has very little relationship to them other than there being a man, a cat and a medical man.  The group folded in 1992  when, from  what I can make out, Fyodor Chistyakov, the lead singer, tried to murder someone because she was a “witch”.  He spent some time in the infamous Kresty Prison and ended up in a psychiatric hospital.  When he was released he joined the Jehovah’s Witness and gave up his rock career.

Now how is all that for Lunedi Lunacy?

On this day in 1569: First recorded lottery in England.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. I know Power Ball is worth 1.2 billion $$$. This is a great cartoon and so Russian in many ways. Always counting on you to find these little gems.

  2. One has to be so careful with superlatives, but this may be your best lunacy yet. From the history of poor Fyodor, to pink ladies with pubic hair dashing through the snow. (Will you give me a pass for ‘that’ detail? The eye spots what the eye spots.)

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