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I’m sure we’ve all read about the new HR procedures – I always hated that term HR, I mean what the hell are Human Resources???? Sounds so impersonal doesn’t it? What am I saying?  Of course it’s impersonal but then it probably always was; its just that when it was called Personnel it sounded a bit less clinical.  At least Personnel was close enough to personal that it sounded user friendly; resources sounds like something you dig out of the ground, process and then throw out when you’ve done with it.   Well okay maybe it is closer to the truth but damn it who wants the truth???

However I digress.  Here’s a little video about a process that many companies seem to go through these days – after they’ve checked your FaceBook profile, Twitter account and X-Tube videos!

Gives a new meaning to Head Hunter doesn’t it?

April 15 – 1924: Rand McNally publishes its first road atlas.

Christmasy Things – Munich Kristkindlmarkt II

St Nick with a switch St. Nicholas waits to greet the girls and boys – notice the switch in his hand just in case he runs into anyone who’s been naughty.

Despite the cold and the rain we did manage to get to several of the Christmas markets other than the best known in the Marienplatz. Sunday morning we strolled over to the Residenzpalast and dropped into a charming market in one of the courtyards of the Palace.

The gentleman at the door set the tone for a market that was very oriented towards children. The gentleman taking the video obviously thinks he’s D. W. Griffith and forgets that movies have sound now!


And here are a few random pictures from the Residenz Market and the Medieval-Celtic Market.

The ResidenzmarktA giant TeddyThe painted facades in the courtyard give the Residenzmarkt a slightly theatrical flair.

Baskets, more basketsChocolaty fruitA few useless scarvesDecorative baskets, fresh fruit dipped in chocolate (the fact that its fruit negates the calories, right?)and some rather unusual flower scarves – there seems to be a stall for everything. I’m not so sure how warm those scarves are.

Entrance to the MittelaltermarktA juggler and his horn

Under the commanding eye of Maxmillan I the Mittelaltermarkt at Wittelsbacher Platz is a fair replica of a Medieval market – without the mud, straw and horse dung but there are jugglers.
A few things for the ladiesBooted and well-heeledEverything that the well-heeled medievalist would need.

Fresh bread done the old way Roast piggy on a spit

Sadly this little piggy went to market and ended up between slices of that baker’s bread. Apparently the Bavarian version of pulled pork is quite tasty.

20 dicembre – San Domenico di Silos


One of the great things about being in a blog community – even a very loose one, hmm doesn’t sound quite right but you know what I mean – is the talent that you encounter almost daily. It may be the ability to use words or a pencil or a camera. But it is that ability to communicate thoughts, memories, humour and ideas through whatever medium that constantly amazes and delights me.
The Market in Centro - Pesaro

Even in busy Pesaro the Saturday Market in Centro is quiet during Ferragosto. I wonder where the residents of a seaside resort go in the summer when the rest of the world is flocking to their beach?

Choosing eggplants for Sunday lunch

I overheard the conversation between this lady and the fruttivendolo (greengrocer)- she needed enough eggplant to feed eight – her son, his wife and the bambini where coming for Sunday lunch. He, of course, assured her he had just the ones she wanted!

A Saturday morning chat.

As in most small towns here bicycle seems to the be major mode of transportation in Centro. And of course its easy to stop and have a Saturday morning gossip when you cycling through town.

  • Lorraine has two brilliant posts in a row this week – not to say they aren’t all brilliant just that… there I go sounding not right again! And speaking of the right she uses her remarkable facility with words to address the Religious Right and a possible (?) double standard. And this must see video has become an instant YouTube classic. I sent the link to quite a few friends and they’ve been spreading it around – the link I mean! Damn think I’ll just give up on words today.

I am still slightly surprised when I see a pair of Mormon boys walking through the centre of an Italian town. As with most small towns the Centro Storico of Pesaro is closed to traffic. I’m not sure what the red carpet was for but it gave a festive air to an already festive city.

Rossini was born on the the ground floor of this palazzo. He very seldom returned after he left in 1796 at the age of 4. That, of course, has not stopped the sale of Rossini memorabilia in Pesaro but at least its more tasteful than the Mozartiana sold in Salzburg.

  • And Speck uses words and her talents as a cartoonist to tell us all about her Labour Day Weekend (sorry Speck I just can’t type labor) and an encounter with some people on the run from Gustav. And that first cartoon should be gracing the editorial pages of a major newspaper.

While hundreds of holiday makers crowd the beach seeking that perfect tan that will be the envy of their neighbours come September …

… others just sit in the park looking out over the Adriatic and pondering the passing world.

04 settembre – San Tesauro dei Beccheria