A Bit of Culinary Bias ….

Thanks to Larry in Rome for reassuring me that Italian cooking still reigns supreme.

Italian overstatement and operatic bombast? Never! Facts are facts you can’t have an opinion about facts!

On this day in 1509: An earthquake known as “The Lesser Judgment Day” hits Constantinople.

Moving On Up?????

Well I’ve decided to make the switch – Blogger just went a step too far. So I’m getting use to WordPress.
May 2012

I first wrote those words three years ago but then decided it was a bit of a chore to set things up in a new format. However after struggling with a post for a good three hours yesterday and having it disappear into the ether on Blogger I had enough. So I’m seriously making the switch this time. I’ve already moved over today’s (September 7, 2015) Lunedi Lunacy and worked on tomorrow’s post but have yet to decide if I will move everything over. We shall see – it seems a bit of a chore.

In the meantime I’ll be playing around with this site seeing what I can add, take away or change to make it more my own.

On this day in 1936: Benjamin the thylacine dies alone in its cage at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania.

In the Face of Grief

I met Elizabeth several years back when I received a request to use a photo I had taken for a series of frankly silly pictures she was featuring on a Flickr page.  Through that request I started reading her blog and being struck by the humour and grace with which she greeted much of what the world handed her – good and bad.  And often the bad was extremely bad – and often she turned that into a source of creativity.  In response to yesterday’s sadness in Boston she wrote a poem that expresses the “communal national grief” that is being felt by so many.  She has given me permission to post her  poem as a way of allowing you and I share that grief.


The Thorn Tree

The thorn tree in my yard
is six feet high and wide, with a crop
of inch-long needles bristling
along its branches. Yet it holds, within it,
a flock of trilling fluttering
sparrows. When I walk by
they quiet. But one foot past and they begin
again, caroling and chuckling.
In its dangerous arms they dart, turn,
then light unscathed
beside spiked teeth that bite me
bloody when I have tried
to trim it. I am so blundering, so
soft, so easy to wound.
The small deft birds laugh
behind my back and I long
for their winged grace
in this world of thorns.

April 15, 2013


 March 2012 – Her Word’s Say It All
October 2010 – Job’s Wife

April 16 – 1170 BC – The calculated date of the Greek king Odysseus‘ return home from the Trojan War.

Does She Know Me Or What?*

My friend Vicki suggested that Chris Browne the creator of Hägar the Horrible some how or other knew exactly what I was thinking as I waited at the #14 bus stop in -28c (-18f) this morning. And I can’t say she – or he – was far wrong.

* She should she’s known me for 50 57 years…..

January 21 -1976: Commercial service of Concorde begins with the London-Bahrain and Paris-Rio routes.

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town 1953 – II

I’ve been a little late in getting to work on my Santa Claus colouring book but I’ve had a bit of a time finding a good old fashioned box of crayons. These days they have colours like Fairy Princess Blue and Little Girl Pink – I mean come on guys I want a box of crayons not clothes from the GAP!!!!

But here I am, crayons at the ready – let the parade begin!

I seem to recall that the parade always began with the Toronto Police Band – not a Metro entity in those days – playing “Jingle Bells”. On can only think that after 2 hours of that cheerful little ditty that a dash to the Pilot Tavern was more favoured than dashing through any snow.

First appearing in the Toronto Parade in 1947 Punkinhead became a fixture for the next two decades.  He was the creation of Charles Thorson, one of the early Disney animators, who hailed from Winnipeg.  Thorson created Bugs Bunny amongst other famous cartoon characters, Patricia Atchison tells us the origins of the wool-haired bear and his colourful creator.  Note that even back then the marketing people were busy and any true bloody Canadian kid has hounded their parents into buying them a Punkinhead doll, watch, puppet, bedside lamp or, for the real die-hard Punkinhead aficionado, PJs.   As I recall the books were often free as gifts at the Punkinhead Fish Pond or as you disembarked from the Punkinhead Express that took you on a tour of Toyland.

One can only hope that the mermaids, mermen and good King Nepture himself were all well insulated under their scales and tails.  Taking into consideration the cold that could hit the Queen’s City in the middle of November the costumes were made one size larger so that they could be worn over warm winter woolies.

The children of Eaton’s employees and students selected from various schools appeared on the floats as flowers, fairies, elves and Snow White’s seven.  If you appeared in the parade you had to endure fittings, some rehearsing and showing up at the Christie Pits marshalling area at 0630 on parade morning.   Over the years thousands of children were more than happy to do exactly that for the honour of welcoming Santa to town.

 30 November – 1886: The Folies Bergère stages its first revue.

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Moving with Mitchell

Jerry and I get around. In 2011, we moved from the USA to Spain. We now live near Málaga. Jerry y yo nos movemos. En 2011, nos mudamos de EEUU a España. Ahora vivimos cerca de Málaga.

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So Many Years of Experience But Still Making Mistakes!


So Many Years of Experience But Still Making Mistakes!

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So Many Years of Experience But Still Making Mistakes!