Lunedi Lunacy

At a wonderful birthday party on Saturday I was chatting with one of the guests and we were talking about how to keep the brain active as you get older mature and are no longer have the stimulus of work. (I am assuming here that work was stimulating????) Crossword puzzle, word quizzes were the first thing that popped into mind. She mentioned that she played along with show like Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire which I recall doing back in the days when we had a TV. I was pretty good at them – including the Italian version of WWTBAM – learned some really obscure Italian phrase on that one! But the British series Mastermind was a guaranteed 50/100 and on one or two occasions maybe 65/100.

The writing and wit on that Two Ronnies’ sketch is 100/100 – a brilliant piece of comedy writing. As is Eric and Ernie’s take on it.

Officially June 2nd was Leave the Office Early Day but given that it was Sunday it has been transferred to today. Not sure how as a retiree I’m going to celebrate that one.

Lunedi Lunacy

Not sure what the euphemism was in your house but in ours it was “I have to go and shed a tear for Ireland.”

So what was it chez vous?

Well it looks like the Duchess of Sussex missed International Midwives Day by one day and held off until today May 6th which is National Nurses Day. Caps off and in the air for all the nurses out there.

Lunedi Lunacy

I’ll just leave this here for your consideration and thought.

And Renaissance Ronnie is right – the pig’s bladder thing does sound fun!

April 22nd is Śmigus-dyngus in Poland where it is acceptable to pour buckets of water on your lady love and beat her legs with willow branches or pussy willows. A laugh a minute those Poles.

Lunedi Lunacy

Given a few cases in the headlines recently it could seem that way back in 1984 the Two Ronnies foresaw the ridiculous situation* in today’s Canadian courtrooms.

*Not to get political but you have to wonder at a system where a murder trial takes 4 years to be heard, another murder charge is dismissed because the case was not heard in a timely manner, and a woman is prosecuted for giving water to pigs that were on the way to a slaughter house.  To quote Nicholas Breton “Tis a mad world my masters!”.

On this day in 1877: At Gilmore’s Gardens in New York City, the first Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show opens.