Amelanchier Alnifolia*

And no I’m not swearing at you!

I frequently joke about charging people to take photos of our Nora as we do our daily circuit around Confederation Landing. But today I got a charming surprise gift from a lovely lady from Regina. She spied Nora and came running across the road to fawn, cuddle and be licked within an inch of her life by the Most Beautiful Female Wire-Haired Dachshund on Water Street. We chatted for about 10 minutes about Dachsies – she grew up with them and recognized Nora as a wire-haired immediately. Most people don’t recognize the breed and more than one person has, much to Nora’s indignant horror, asked if she’s a Schnauzer-mix!!!!

Nora doesn’t seem all that impressed by her jar of Saskatoon Berry Jam but chances are if it appears on a small piece of toast at tomorrow’s breakfast it will be much appreciated.

As we said goodbye she said to wait a minute she had a little gift for me and returned from her car with a jar of Saskatoon Berry jam. It was a very warm, friendly gesture and Nora will get to lick a tiny taste with tomorrow morning’s morsel of toast.

*The Saskatoon Berry – Nora’s jam is from the good people at Last Mountain.

While frying eggs or setting off fireworks on July 4th it should all be done to country music as today is also National Country Music Day!