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Continuing on what a bit of a tradition here – does three in a row indicate a tradition or just lack of imagination on my part – another British comedy great to start a Monday morning.  I have to admit that Rowan Atkinson is not one of my favourite comedians, I find his Mr Bean supremely annoying though the first Blackadder series was a classic, but he does take the mickey quite brilliantly here.  I particularly love those little flares of temper at poor Rajii.



On this day in 1916: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the French Third Republic sign the secret wartime Sykes-Picot Agreement partitioning former Ottoman territories such as Iraq and Syria.


Lunedi Lunacy

The good folks at Honest Trailer can always be counted on to take the mickey (and I don’t mean Mouse) out of some of the most hyped movies in the Netflix catalogue – I’d post their take on Les Miserables but I’m still wondering how they could make it any more ridiculous than it already was.   So now that they’ve released a “live action” version of that great classic Cinderella perhaps it’s time to re-access the Disney Studio 1950 animated version.

So all together now:  Blupperty blup slupperty slurp…..

March 30 – 1939: Detective Comics #27 is released, introducing Batman.

Lunedi Lunacy

Christmastide just wouldn’t be Christmastide without a visit with our favourite Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets – well okay the field isn’t exactly flooded with Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets to rank but you know what I mean.  Here they are with their own particular warped version of a well-known Christmas yarn.  – warped? yarn? … get it?   They’re made of wool and …..oh forget it! Bah humbug!

Bah humbug! Bah humbug!

December 15 – 533: Byzantine general Belisarius defeats the Vandals, commanded by King Gelimer, at the Battle of Tricamarum.

December 15 –

Lunedi Lunacy

My friend Blake was just here for a visit – the HFH were ecstatic to see their Uncle Pervy – and he mentioned a TV programme that he’s addicted to: Down Town Chapel. Well something like that – from the sounds of it I am reminded of a wonderful old British series called Upstairs Downstairs which I did so enjoy in the early days of PBS.  The gang at College Humour must watch this TV show also either that or they spied on our dinner at the New Eddie last week!

Thanks to my friend Greg for this one.

November 17 – 1810: Sweden declares war on its ally the United Kingdom to begin the Anglo-Swedish War, although no fighting ever takes place.