Lunedi Lunacy

(Another) tempest in a teapot.

And it appears there is much out there these days that gives offense, as warrant a little episode here on the Island in the past few weeks.

It’s become pretty standard for bars and restaurants to put out sidewalk signs with (occasionally witty) little tag lines denoting the good times to be had within. During our very successful Gay Pride celebrations Terre Rouge, a restaurant here on Queen Street, put out this sign:

Just as a sidebar this was not the first version of the sign that appeared. That one used the appellation “Newfie” and someone complained so it was changed.

For my friends in less fortunate parts of the world who did not learn “I’se the B’y” in Mr. Hewitt’s grade two music class I will explain that as we travelled across Canada on our musical education just as “Aloutette” represented Québec “I’s the By” was the musical signature of our newest Province (1949).

Now I happen to find this funny but there were people who did not. Several complained that it was “homophobic” and at least one gentleman threw the sign on the street because he saw it as supporting those “godless fruits”. At least they found common ground in being “offended”. Now the irony is that the joke originated with the transgender cook and the manager and communication director of the restaurant are a gay couple.

But in our offending and offensive world it didn’t end there. The following week a staff member came up with this sign:

And you guessed it – someone was offended by the sign about being offended. ‘Tis indeed a mad world, my masters.

August 12th is Middle Child’s Day – time to binge watch Malcom in the Middle????? What ever happened to Dewey?

Hey Fadder Willym …

Like many of my friends on Facebook I’ve become a bit addicted to some of the quizzes. You know the sort of thing, you agree to it and give a programme “access to your Profile information, photos, your friends’ info and other content that it requires to work.” Hmmmm … Then you answer five or six badly worded and incredibly badly-spelled questions and it tells you which Mass Murderer you most closely resemble.

So far I’ve been matched up with Maria Callas, Thomas Locke, Marilyn Monroe, Pocahontas and Margaret Thatcher – now there’s a dinner party I wouldn’t want to host. Oh and with Viola from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. There definitely does seem to be a sort of cross-dressing/drag theme going on there. I’ve also been given a stripper name of Misty GlitterSpank – which only goes to prove that who ever made up that particular quiz had never been in show business or probably seen a stripper. For heaven’s sake they’re like drag queens, the name has to be short and snappy; it should have simply been Misty Glitter!

This morning as I was waiting for my Saturday coffee to do its thing, i.e. appear before me magically as a voice says: here’s your coffee dear, I tried another one: Which Roman Catholic Religious Order are you called to (men’s version)? with the following result:

You would be best suited to life as a Diocesan Priest. Obedience in your case will mean to the Bishop and you will likely spend most of your life working in a “one priest shop”. No need to worry about a vow of poverty, but there is a good chance you will live a life of poverty. As one of the Church’s “general practitioners” you will need to sharpen your entire pastoral skill set for the good of the people of God.

Damn I wanted to be at least a Bishop, a member of the Curia or even better a Jesuit but a Diocesan priest!!!!!! And at this stage of life I’d be more Barry Fitzgerald than Bing Crosby.

Stupid quizzes!

But there was that one that said:

Willym took the How good are you in bed? quiz and the result is Incredible Lover.
You are in the top 5% of all lovers, you are not likely to bet let leave without your lover wanting another run.

Except for that really confusing last sentence that quiz was pretty accurate!

04 aprile – Sant’Isidoro di Siviglia