Sweet and Silly

My friend Stephen called our attention at work today to this heartwarming story of an 109 year old gentleman who has a rather strange hobby.  He knits little sweaters for penguins! Yes you read that right …. he knits sweaters for penguins. The rather touching tale can be read here: 109-Year-Old Man Makes Little Sweaters For Australia’s Little Penguins.

Being ever observant my friend Lara noticed something about one of the sweaters – I have to admit I missed it.  Take a look at the picture!

Does anyone else catch what our Lara noticed right off the bat?  If so drop me a comment.

Post Scriptum:  And indeed Debra (She Who Seeks) is right on – the little guy second from the left is wearing a very smart Penguin book cover sweater – a penguin in a Penguin!

February 12 – 1947: Christian Dior unveils a “New Look“, helping Paris regain its position as the capital of the fashion world.

Lunedi Lunacy

My friend Blake was just here for a visit – the HFH were ecstatic to see their Uncle Pervy – and he mentioned a TV programme that he’s addicted to: Down Town Chapel. Well something like that – from the sounds of it I am reminded of a wonderful old British series called Upstairs Downstairs which I did so enjoy in the early days of PBS.  The gang at College Humour must watch this TV show also either that or they spied on our dinner at the New Eddie last week!

Thanks to my friend Greg for this one.

November 17 – 1810: Sweden declares war on its ally the United Kingdom to begin the Anglo-Swedish War, although no fighting ever takes place.

And Walter was right with his answer to Monday’s little conundrum.

Take the first letter on each word place it at the end and you have a palindrome.

1 Banana
2 Dresser
3 Grammar
4 Potato
5 Revive
6 Uneven
7 Assess

And Cathy – you may have heard of her – tell me she received this answer from a friend of hers’ when she sent him the question:
“They all start with a number.”

Walter, call me and we’ll talk about your prize.

03 marzo – San Tiziano di Brescia

Lunedi Lunacy

Apparently these two churches stand across the road from each other.

I guess this is what they meant by “interfaith dialogue” on dogma!

Postscript: David’s comment led me to a bit of internet checking and this is what I found out about the “conflict” between the two churches.

Many thanks to one of my oldest friends – i.e. the friend I have known the longest not the oldest… oh hell you know what I mean – Vicki. Baci cara!
16 novembre – Santa Gertrude di Helfta detta La Grande