Lunedi Lunacy

Well the summer theatre scene here on the Island is an extremely busy one.  In town we had the Charlottetown Festival, the Guild, and several smaller companies presenting musicals, revues, and “juke box” shows.  Out of town theatres are producing everything from Shaw to Simon with a bit of Norm Foster* thrown in.  However what seems to be missing is Shakespeare.

As someone who grew up with the Earle Grey Shakespeare Company on a midsummer’s eve in the Trinity Quadrangle and regular visits to Stratford it’s difficult to imagine summer without the Bard.  Surely somewhere on the Island there is a venue suitable for one of the lighter comedies?

But in the meantime to fill that void I turned to those sources of theatrical excellence – the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.

And as Stratford is celebrating their first production of Romeo and Juliet back in 1960** I thought the SFSPT (now that’s a mouthful) production bears viewing.

Romeo and Juliet – Part the First

Romeo and Juliet – Part the Second

Well that’s my Shakespeare fix for the summer attended to – now to head up to North Rustico for a touch of Shaw.

*Foster is the most produced playwright in Canada with over 50 plays to his name and this year alone 142 productions scheduled around the world from Germany to Australia.

**My lord can it be really 57 years ago that I saw Julie Harris, Bruno Gerussi, Christopher Plummer, Kate Reid and Tony Van Bridge in that incredible production?????

On this day in 1771:  Bloody Falls massacre: Chipewyan chief Matonabbee, traveling as the guide to Samuel Hearne on his Arctic overland journey, massacres a group of unsuspecting Inuit.

Romeo, Romeo, Dove Sei Romeo?

For once I’ll be true to my word – I said I’d post the answer on Monday to the balcony question. Well here it is Monday and here it is the answer.

The Casa Capuleti (right) at Via Capello 27 is one of the big attractions in Verona – even at night when the gates are closed people come to peek through them. And of course any true lover has to leave their mark as a tribute to the unhappy pair of kids who started it all.

Just click on the graffiti covered gate to the Casa Capuleti and all will be revealed.

19 maggio – San Pietro Celestine

A Balcony By Any Other Name

I initially posted this with a poll which worked fine for a while and then messed up the coding for the site. I’m going to try it one more time – so though you may have commented or voted already, please do so again.

Of course Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet. We have Juliet Kisses and Romeo Cakes in the pastry shops, there’s the Romeo and Juliet Hotel, the Capulet Hotel, Ristorante Guiletta. Then we have the Casa Capuleti with its graffiti covered entrance into the garden where the great love story written by Luigi da Porto in 1520 begins on its tragic path – okay some English guy did his version of it but these translation things never really work.

Here’s are pictures of a few balconies in Verona.

The answer on Monday – I promise!

Originally poste: 15 maggio – San Giovanni-Batiste di LaSalle