Lunedi Lunacy

I thought for a bit of Monday morning lunacy I’d post a few photos from the trip that really don’t fit into any particular category except perhaps a touch of the lunatic.

First let’s start the morning off with a scattering of clouds. Not those beastly ones that followed us on the cruise but the way we wanted them to be: fluffy, light, and cheerful.

The hierarchy of the streets in Amsterdam are: first – bikes, second – pedestrians, and finally cars. And one thing that became apparent were the very creative parking spots for bikes in Amsterdam and Utrecht. And we can’t even manage a bike lane in Charlottetown – it would be too disruptive!

Oh come on we’re talking Amsterdam here! Of course there was going to be a photo like this. Though I was happy to hear that the Mayor is working to get rid of the “window shopping” aspect of the Red Light District.

And this monument in Bergen was a tribute to the enterprising seafaring men and merchants of Norway. Perhaps I’m just imagining it but I think I know what the young sailor’s enterprise is! And what commodity the older entrepreneur was seeking. Tom of Norway anyone?

You ever been blow ashore Billy?

I’d recognize an image of Josephine Baker from 100 feet away – I just didn’t expect to see one on a canal barge AirBnB in Amsterdam!!!!!

Even muttering “pigeon pie” didn’t make this kit of the feathered rats move!

And to close the post an inscription on a bench in the Italian Garden that Prince Albert had created as a tribute to his wife Victoria. It brought a smile to my face. A left click will enlarge it.

September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day and I’ll just let each of you celebrate in your own way!

Lisboa IX

From the Mid-Atlantic – who knew?

I originally started this post on the flight from Lisbon to Toronto and for some reason – probably a stupid mid-air mistake with my fingers and the on-screen keyboard it appeared and then disappeared.  Some people saw it, and at least one person commented so to them I apologize for the reposting but here goes again with one additional photo.

So here we are in the middle of the air and the Atlantic and miracle of miracles I’m posting pictures. I can’t use the Bluetooth keyboard so mistakes are many and the reactions from WordPress are wonderous to behold.

This group of hand puppets at the Museu da Marioneta are from a German submarine that was captured during the Second World War.  Laurent felt they had a Threepenny Opera look to them.  I love the little bull dog but don’t think I would be tempted to pet him.

A bit of liturgical bling for those special Sunday’s when only cloth of gold will do.  A vestment set from the treasury at Sao Roque.

As glorious as it’s buildings and their garden setting the Gulbenkian Museum is like any private collection – it has many works of great artistic value and some that are in questionable taste.  Not sure this little settee would fit ino the living room but I’d definitely have the fabric changed.

This statue of Saint Deacon (?) reminded me of oh so many salacious limericks!  Is it me or is the good Saint just too fey for words?


This jungle gym in Estrela Park looks like fun but you have to wonder how safe it is:  they’ve posted the emergency number right beside it!!!!


There are several shops where you can buy cans of sardines with your birth year on them. Now I’m not sure why you’d do that but….??? I did wonder if it was also the year they were canned?


I’m not sure if this is Saint Catherine of Sienna but whoever she is Justine, The Story of O, and 50 Shades of Grey appear to have been amongst her reading material.


Though the post shows December 4th I’ve left the “On this day” at it’s original 30th of November historical fact.

On this day in 1803: In New Orleans, Spanish representatives officially transfer the Louisiana Territory to a French representative. Just 20 days later, France transfers the same land to the United States as the Louisiana Purchase.

Lisboa VIII

Well today was our last day in Lisboa and it wasn’t the most pleasant – driving rain and high winds. However it was better than what we’ve seen and heard about what’s been happening on our Island: major Island wide power blackouts, high winds, rain and snow. We’ve checked in with many of our friends and the HFH and their friend Marie and things are not great but most people – and puppies – are coping.

The flight out of here looks good for travel so it’s a good chance we’ll get to Toronto tomorrow – onward to home: well that’s another question. We shall see.

I was planning to do a few more posts before we left but frankly I’m exhausted and really hate using the iPad app for this sort of thing. But I will leave you with a few more pictures.

On of the most elaborate entrances I’ve ever seen to a men’s room – at the Monistario de les Jeronimos.

Some one has a very modern, untraditional and merry idea of the Flight in Egypt.

These dolls of various saints at Sao Roque could be dressed up in the elaborate robes, wigs, headdress and crowns to fit the festival being celebrated.

A wonderful Rhinoceros mask from Africa at the National Museum of Puppets.

This rather endearing little pup is resting at his mistress feet for eternity and contentedly chewing on a cockerel.

Is it just me or does this ceramic of Sao Pedro de Alcantara receiving the stigmata really be in the National Puppet Museum.

A group of imprisoned busts waiting to be returned to their rightful place in a mirador currently being restored.

A memorial to the massacre of over 1500 converted Jews on April 19, 1506. Incited by two Dominican friars a crowd dragged men, women and children from their homes, churches and business, beat them to death and burned their bodies.

A charming and odd ceramic by a young Italian artist hidden in an alleyway in Alfama.

They turned the Christmas lights on early this year – and we’re glad they did.

Hopefully on my return I’ll be able to post a few more photos and stories of our adventure. It was ten wonderful days – we saw things, met wonderful people, ate good food and drank great wines. And we’ll be back for more – and there is so much more.

On this day in 1803 – The Balmis Expedition starts in Spain with the aim of vaccinating millions against smallpox in Spanish America and Philippines.

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