This, That, and the Other Thing

Those windows on the second floor would be nine of the seventeen that will need spring cleaning.

I have been missing in blogging this past week, mostly because of a rawther busy schedule. However the following is a brief update on life above the Dentists’ Office in the old Lennox Nursing Home Building on Water Street.

“How did I get up here? It’s really better that you shouldn’t ask. It will only upset you!”

First things first – Nora! Well we had a bit of a set back more than a week ago when Nora woke up shaking, whimpering and afraid to move. She snuggled against me and wouldn’t stir. A quick call to the Atlantic Vet College Clinic brought the suggestion that she may have overdone it (who our NORA!!! NO! NEVER!) and that we go back to more kennel rest and the pain killers. At a visit to the Vet several days later a week of Medicam, for inflammation, was prescribed. I don’t particularly like Medicam, the dosage has to be very exact based on the dog’s weight and an overdose can do great harm. The vet also wanted to give her a sort of doggie prozac and increase the dosage of pain killers. We nixed that big time as a doggie druggie is not my idea of what my girl should become. She is back to some kennel rest, pain killers twice a day, and attempts, often futile, to stop her running, jumping and tussling with Nicky.

Officially spring began March 20 when the sun reached the equator at sometime around 1748 ADT. In our house our first sign of spring came two or three days later when the first fly came in through the door as I let Nicky out to prove to him that it was too cold to lie on the deck in the sunshine. The fly obviously felt the same as I did!

With the incredible talent that is Tara MacLean during a radio interview for our PEI Symphony Fundraising Gala.

Much of my time the past two or three weeks has been taken up with preparations for our PEI Symphony Orchestra fundraisering Gala: A Night at the Races. That involved going begging bowl in hand to various businesses and individuals asking for donations to our auctions – and I’m please to say that so many came through with a great variety of items. A few that were approached via email and letter just didn’t respond which puzzled me. One did respond with a very polite refusal explaining that they did not feel our demographic was a fit for their products. I can accept that but to not reply at all just seems to be not only rude but incredibly short-sighted of a business in a small community.

I did a short radio interview for a local afternoon show with the incredibly talented Tara MacLean who was our host and headliner at the Gala. She is begining an association with the PEISO that will lead to a full length concert with the orchestra in 2020 – and launch a tour of appearances with orchestras throughout North America.

If you’d like to hear the golden tones of yours faithfully shilling for the event CBC saves this sort of thing for posterity – or a few weeks, which ever is longer. A left click here will take you there.

The gala was a great success – a record number of people, many who took the Races theme to Ascot heights. Sadly I cant’ find any photos of either Laurent (in full Captain Von Trapp drag) or I (vested, watch-fobbed, tuxedoed, and top hatted to the nines) so there is no evidence of our sartorial splendour.

Yes we are feeling guilty about leaving the HFH for a few days – so Mission Accomplished Nicky! And before anyone starts castigating the humans our friend Marie treats them even better than we do – and that’s saying something.

Our Nicky was not a happy camper yesterday morning – he saw the bags being dragged out and went into full panic mode. Even the arrival of Marie to look after the HFH for a few days did not calm him down. Nora was a little less concerned – Marie will cuddle, pet, coo, and deliver the biscuits so what’s the big deal. We decided that a few days in the bright lights and big buildings of Halifax would not go amiss – when did I ever think I’d consider Halifax “the big city”???? So we packed a few things – 10 shirts, four sweaters, 11 changes of underwear, socks etc – for the three days and head out on the drive to the mainland and the waters of the Bedford Basin. The weather promises to be sunny if cold but a change of scenery for Laurent’s birthday, the wind down to the winter projects, and just a change of scenery will do us both good.

The photo on the left is the beginning of the 11 km (7 miles) span of the Confederation Bridge that joins the Mainland to the Island. That’s New Brunswick in the distance across the ice packs of the Northumberland Strait. Ten minutes later we arrive in NB and Halifax is only another two and a half hours away.

March 28 is a day with two possible celebrations that I initially thought were related: Weed Apprication Day and Something On A Stick Day. I thought that second one was “Clip” when I first read it. Turns out they mean “weed” like in dandelions not …. never mind.

HFH – aka – GPP

Given that the kids are now 10 months old and there has been a firm change of character from the light hearted chewing of anything that moved of puppydom to the serious chewing of anything that moves of adulthood I thought a change of name was only right. The postings formerly known as Gratuitous Puppy Pictures (GPP) will now be called Hounds From Hell (HFH).

I don’t think either one of us realized what a challenge it is to have two pups of roughly the same age in the house. Our previous experience had involved introducing Reesie as a pup into an already existing pack – Laurent, Bundnie and myself. The establishment of pack order has been an interesting – in the Chinese proverb sense of the word – experience.

The two of them love the couch in the Den and it has become the favoured sleep spot. Its also good for imperial poses (That would be they before their were groomed, then Nora in the middle and Nicky below) and for climbing over the arm and into the lap of poor unsuspecting Papa as he tries to type. I am learning to post with a lap full of daschies, who once they are comfortably ensconced are a bit difficult to dislodge.

It is normal to “strip” the coats of wire-haired daschies; hand stripping is probably the best however it takes forever and a day and patience on both the part of the stripper and the dog. Since patience is at a premium in our household the groomer used the shears on them over a month ago. When Nicky came home I didn’t recognize him – because the undercoat is a different colour they both like completely different dogs.

Since that first day when I sat in the back seat of the car holding them Nicky has been a whiner and Nora the gregarious one. Those traits have only increased as they have gotten older. Nick still whines a great deal and Nora thinks that her mission in life is to lick and kiss people. Nick has also given us a series of other problems: He is also afraid of other dogs but unfortunately that takes the form of aggression – sort of I’ll snap at them before they snap at me. It has happened on a few occasions during our walks at Villa Torlonia and has been a real source of concern. We are working with a very good Danish trainer to nip this in the bud. And Christmas Eve, the first time he had been around a group of people, he seemed to be afraid of them – including one friend he had been playing with only the day before – and was extremely skittish.

The trainer says that Nicky is also being protective of Nora when other dogs approach her – to be blunt he thinks of her as his bitch! Though heaven knows a great deal of their waking time is spent fighting, scraping and posturing for top place when they fall asleep in the den it is always cuddled together.

There are a few other traits that I won’t go into here as this tends to be a family oriented blog but let’s just say that Nick has not realized that Nora has been spade and also that if he continues to hump her head he may not need that aggression training!

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