Nicky and Nora – The Early Years VI

Well wouldn’t you just know it I found a few more videos lurking in the depths of the archives at YouTube. So in an effort to assuage their beloved Uncle Pervy’s disappointment in last week’s announcement I thought I had better post them.

Though the energy levels aren’t quite the same every couple of days Nicky still goes into a frenzy of teasing and tearing around the house. With time Nora has learned that if she just stays in the one place she can still snap at him and give domineering growls to send him scurrying away.

Both of the Hounds have a thing for feet and licking. There have been suggestions that we hire them out at a health spa as an exfoliating treatment.

Nora has a complete vocabulary of growls, throaty whines and piercing barks that convey her needs and wants to the humans that were put on this earth to serve her.

Now having done more farewells than Adelina Patti, Sarah Bernhardt and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf put together – I swear this is the last of the Gratuitous Hounds from Hell videos.

The word for July 2nd is:
Assuage /əˈswāj/: [verb]
1.1 To make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense.
1.2 Satisfy (an appetite or desire)
Middle English: from Old French assouagier, asouagier, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ (expressing change) + suavis ‘sweet’.
Hopefully where our Uncle Pervy is concerned both meanings of the verb have been met.

Nick and Nora – The Early Years V

It looks like I may be coming to the end of the home videos from when the Hounds from Hell were mere Puppies from Purgatory. (And the world gives a collective sigh of relief.)

This is an early on that was buried deep in the archives. The deep growl is Nora that high pitched squealing is Nicky. He always did – and still does – instigate things and then play the wounded victim after the fact.

I know, I know – telling them they were “bad puppies” probably scared them for life and caused them to turn into the delinquents they are today. Well okay either that or the fact that they are dachshunds!

Nora has always been the investigative sort. It is that interest in the world around her that has led to vet bills that would put a kid through college.

The word for June 25th is:
Omnipotent /ɒmˈnɪpət(ə)nt/: [adjective]
1.1 Having unlimited power
1.2 Having great power or influence
Early 14c., “almighty, possessing infinite power,” from Old French omnipotent “almighty, all-powerful” (11c.) and directly from Latin omnipotentem “all-powerful, almighty.”
Or as Ernestine often stated of the unlimited power of the Phone Company: That’s ‘potent’ with an ‘omni’ in front of it.”

Nick and Nora – The Early Years – II

A Throwback Thursday

I thought I’d continue looking at the old family videos from when the Hounds from Hell were only Puppies from Purgatory back in 2009.

Nicky always was more helpful around the house:

This next one has to be my favourite video of our Nora. She may have been quiet and shy on the ride from Capena to Rome but she soon showed her true colours. She’s stubborn, wilful, and cunning, even to this day. If there is a way around anything that interferes with Nora’s progress through life it must be found.

And like any proud parent I got a few more to bore you wi share next week.

The word for June 4th is:
Purgatory /ˈpəːɡət(ə)ri/: [1. noun 2. adjective (archaic)]
1.1 (in Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.
1.2 Mental anguish or suffering.
2. Having the quality of cleansing or purifying.
Middle English from Anglo-Norman French purgatorie or medieval Latin purgatorium, neuter (used as a noun) of late Latin purgatorius ‘purifying’, from the verb purgare.
Perhaps the last few months will serve in lieu of time spent there?

Nick and Nora – The Early Years

A Throwback Thursday

It’s hard to believe that the Hounds from Hell have been in our lives now for over 11 years. On April 24, 2009 we brought Eleanora di Capena and Fantastico Nicky home from Casa degli Orsi in Capena just outside of Rome. I sat in the back seat for the drive with a whining Nicky on my lap, his needle-like little claws catching in my alpaca sweater, and Nora wedged in the corner giving me baleful looks. Nicky still whines and Nora now wedges herself into a corner of the couch and gives us baleful looks.

While going through old videos on YouTube I came across a series that I made during their puppy years in Rome. They were in posts I put up at the time but like any old family photos they are worth a second – third, fourth or fifth – look for the wonderful memories they bring back.

Here they are that first day on Via dei Villini – April 24, 2009.

We held an online contest to name the little monsters and our friend Cecilia (Dora) who lived in West Virginia at the time, suggested the two iconic 1940s movie names. And because we were in Rome and traditions must be observed we made it all official with a proper papal announcement:

Ever since then the Hounds from Hell have regarded Cecilia as their own special godmother. And there was much excitement on Via dei Villini on May 11, 2009 the day a parcel arrived from the United States.

And they are still wearing those collars today and I would think always.

I won’t bore you with any more at the moment but like those old family photo albums and Aunt Sarah’s vacation snaps believe me there are more to come.

The word for May 28th is:
Dachshund /ˈdäksˌho͝ond,ˈdäksənd/: [noun]
A breed of dog with short-legs, a long-body and extended chest.
Late 19th century: from German, literally ‘badger dog’ from dachs “European badger” and hund “hound, dog”. The breed being originally used to dig badgers out of their setts.
Of course the definition doesn’t half cover the true meaning of dachshund – around here it is synonymous with “pain in the ass” and “love”.

The Hounds from Hell

Who knew there was a word for it?

Lately for some reason our Nicky has been seeing if he can get away with begging at the table – he can’t!  Every so often he tries to push the boundaries just in case: where food is concerned a dachshund is always willing try and push the boundaries.  When it comes to begging Nora lets Nicky make the effort and she just sits by with that look on her face.  It’s a look that both of them have perfected and that anyone who includes a dog in their family is familiar with.  It’s that silent staring at you as you eat, their eyes filled with the hope that you will share.

“Are you planning to eat that all by yourself?”

Now until the daily post on Facebook from Grandiloquent Word of the Day showed up last Wednesday I had no idea that the act of giving someone that look has its very own verb in the English language.


So do you think they’ve got groaking down to a fine art?

On this day in 1912: The frozen bodies of Robert Scott and his men are found on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.