The Hounds from Hell

Who knew there was a word for it?

Lately for some reason our Nicky has been seeing if he can get away with begging at the table – he can’t!  Every so often he tries to push the boundaries just in case: where food is concerned a dachshund is always willing try and push the boundaries.  When it comes to begging Nora lets Nicky make the effort and she just sits by with that look on her face.  It’s a look that both of them have perfected and that anyone who includes a dog in their family is familiar with.  It’s that silent staring at you as you eat, their eyes filled with the hope that you will share.

“Are you planning to eat that all by yourself?”

Now until the daily post on Facebook from Grandiloquent Word of the Day showed up last Wednesday I had no idea that the act of giving someone that look has its very own verb in the English language.


So do you think they’ve got groaking down to a fine art?

On this day in 1912: The frozen bodies of Robert Scott and his men are found on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

HFH Discover Winter’s Wonderland

The HFH discovered the joys of the winter wonderland that will be their home for, if memory serves, at least the next six months.

And if truth be told they probably handled it better than I did.

27 novembre/November – San Primitivo

Canine Accoutrement

A second dog related post??? Have you gone rabid, I can hear my faithful reader ask. No, but while I’m working on a few other things I thought I’d share a few daschie related photos and observations.

There were no cute little puppy parcels under the tree or dog bones cunning festooned with red ribbon at Christmas but that did not mean the HFH didn’t get a gift. To start the New Year they were presented with a new puppy cushion – which Nicky chewed a hole in within the first 30 minutes.

Here’s themselves lounging in the canine comfort of their newly acquired and chewed-in cushion:

But you know who really needs a cushion when you can simply make yourself comfortable on another puppy’s head?

And they were not the only one’s to receive a New Year’s gift. Our friends Peter and Joe saw this little item and immediately thought of us – or rather thought of our dogs and then us! This little whimsical canine candelabra has given me an idea for a daschie themed table setting for the next dinner party. We have the dachshund knife rests, dachshund napkins, a dachshund decanter and now something for the centre of the table.

And no! I will not be serving sausage!!!!!!

03 gennaio – Santa Genoveffa

The First HRH Video of 2011

The fighting around our house can get out of hand sometimes – no I don’t meant Laurent and I, we don’t fight we discuss – loudly! – I mean of course the Hounds from Hell. Here are Nick and Nora having one of their little daily spats after a game of Hide and Seek.

Just a word of warning there is one portion of this video where Nicky asserts his Italian masculinity and Nora registers her complete indifference much to his chagrin. He hasn’t quite grasped the fact that she is totally uninterested and frankly, in true Italian fashion, doesn’t understand why.

PS: In response to Uncle Pervy – no that first shot was not posed – stop and think for a minute about me trying to get them to sit still???? Wouldn’t happen. She was actually sitting on top of him and he was quite oblivious to it all.

PPS: YDG – that is Nora doing the barking and growling – she’s the hunter in the family. Her baying when she see a cat would scare the hell out of anything she was tracking.

02 gennaio – San Gregorio Nazianzeno

Gratuitous HFH Video

Its been a long time – too long according to their Uncle Pervy – since I posted a video of the Hounds From Hell. Despite repeated threats I have not sold them to the gypsies and they are making life as interesting as always.

Being dachshunds they are equipped with hunting instincts and more particularly burrowing instincts One of our previous daschies (my darling Bundnie) use to wrap herself in her blanket so tightly that on occasion I would have to liberate her from her cocoon.

The Hounds from Hell have taken to getting under the sofa covering in the den and playing a game of daschie hide and seek.

The other evening I was waking our Nora, whose mother you may recall is a champion wild boar hunter here in Italy. Our route took us by the residence of the Saudi Ambassador on Via Regina Margherita which is guarded by a trio of soldiers. One of the young, and I must add cute, soldiers saw us come and started to laugh and said to me: She’s hunting for boar! I was a bit startled and asked him what he meant and how he knew she was a boar hunter. It turns out his father hunts boar in Tuscany with a pack of daschies and Nora was doing all the right moves. Right now she’s pretty vicious when she spots a cat, I’m just not sure how she’d be when confronted with a 90 kilo (200 lbs) piece of wild porker???

15 decembre – Santa Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa