Lunedi Lunacy

A matter of perspective!

One final piece of art from the Neuwe Statendam that tickled my funny bone with it sly lunacy.

Most people passed by this intriguing pile of brick-a-brack in the elevator lobby and either ignored it or sneered at “modern art”.

However if you looked through the aperture provided:

September 30th is Hot Mulled Cider Day – oh come on now the Christmas decorations don’t go up until at least mid-October!!!!

But Is It Art?

The designers/conceptors of the Neuwe Statendam leaned heavily on the world of music for much of their inspiration. Many decks were named after composers: Mozart, Gershwin, Beethoven, Schubert etc. And much of the art work followed a musical theme.

And they followed through with what was called the Music Walk on the Plaza Deck. Three very distinctive rooms devoted to four types of music: classical, classic rock and roll, blues, and 20th century pop.

Lincoln Centre Presents shared the space with B. B. King’s Blues Club. The starburst chandeliers were reminiscent of the Austrian crystal at the Metropolitan Opera House during the chamber recitals but dimmed when the smoky atmosphere (and it was atmosphere only – smoking is allowed in one small area outdoors aft) when the Blues band took over.

The Rolling Stone Rock Room was opposite the Billboard Onboard – a duelling piano bar. Shows and rooms were arranged so that there was no overlap or conflict.

For the first time on any cruise we saw all the entertainment lounges full of people and in the blues and rock and roll venues people were up and dancing! It was difficult most evenings to get a seat and more often than not we stood in the entrance way for a song or two and then moved on to the next entertainment. A very successful innovation by Holland America.

And yes Mitchell I agree – it IS art!

September 28th is Ask A Stupid Question Day. Well I think I’ve got that covered with today’s title!

But Is It Art?

The good folk at Holland America trumpet the quality of the art that. lines the stairwells and concourses of Neuwe Statendam. Though I found some it it at times whimsical – such as the needle point dress makers display I shared earlier – or interesting, much of it does beg the question: Is it really art?

Here’s a few pieces with more to follow – there were 14 decks, three stairwells and a myriad of open spaces to fill.

Does anyone still wear a hat? – Stephen Sondheim.

I was saw an exhibition of the works of Andy Warhol at the marvellous Byzantine Museum in Athens. I had a chance to speak with the curator and she said: An icon is an icon!

My mother said that needlepoint was an art and I knew better than to contradict my mother.

If it ain’t Baroque then don’t fix it.

Strangely none of the works were labeled with either a title or an artist attribution.

September 15 is Make a Hat Day – which pretty much answers my question.