Memories of….

A few years back a well-known grocery store in Canada started marketing items – mostly sauces and condiments – under the name “Memories of….”.

The whole campaign suggested that the use of these products would revive memories of exotic places visited, grandma’s kitchen or delightful childhood events. I’m not sure how successful they were as aide-memories but as a campaign it was – and still is – successful. As I settle in to our new home I’m unpacking things that trigger memories of the past four years – exotic places visited, if not grandma’s kitchen then certainly some exceptional nonne’s kitchens that served up incredible food and again if not events from childhood then assuredly ones that fulfilled childhood dreams and gave delight.

I realized that with all the books, pamphlets, programmes and catalogues on hand plus the enumerable photos taken in the past four years I have enough material to do my own series of “Memories of …..”. That and a look at the Post List shows a fair number of pieces on sights and cities that I started but didn’t finish – perhaps completing them wouldn’t be a bad idea while I still have “memories of …”. Now I must admit this idea could also be viewed as a rather pathetic attempt to hold on to Italy and what amounted to some of the most wonderful years of my life. If that’s the case … so be it – I’ll also post a few things about life here in Bagdad on the Rideau as I once heard a Cabinet Minister call it.  That is – as Italy was for the past few years – my current reality so I’ll deal with it. I’m looking at a calender that is filling up with some interesting concerts, dance, theatre and occasions with dear friends. Plus there is always the joys of the frozen canal, snow and -35c (before wind chill) to look forward to and capture with camera clicking and teeth a chattering.

Coming soon to a grocery shelf near you a computer near you:  Memories of …..  Italy.

24 settembre/September – Beata Vergine Maria della Mercede