Lunedi Lunacy

I am writing this fully expecting that my faithful readers – both of them – have a sense of humour where Momma Mia and ABBA are concerning. Now I enjoyed the stage show as much as anyone when they did it here at the Confederation Centre as part of the Charlottetown Festival two years ago. As for the movie – well I mean I had seen the stage show and danced my buns off at the end so surely the obligation stops there? Right? RIGHT? Please dear god tell me I’m right? And as to Momma Mia 2, well … let’s no go there okay?

I might add that the Charlottetown Festival is reviving Momma Mia starting later this week. I’m going to see Anne of Green Gables.

July 29th is Lasagne Day and Chicken Wings Day as well as Lipstick Day. And somewhere in there we have to fit International Tiger Day. Any suggestions?

Lunedi Lunacy

Obviously satirist Tom Lehrer and I have conflicting ideas of what constitutes an Irish ballad. Mine is rather homey and frankly with a touch of the parochial. His smacks more of the Deidre of the Sorrows school of story telling so beloved of the ilk of that McKennitt person.

While listening to this little ditty I thought about a few of the “ballads” that are thought of as being part of the Irish canon. That one about Lord Randall who arrives home “sick to the heart and fain would lie down”. You have to wonder if his loving mother had tended to him rather than playing Q&A and bad-mouthing his sweetheart like every Irish mother to this day, would he have lived to a ripe old age? And that one about the Lady who follows the “whistling gypsy rover” – well doesn’t he just turn out to be a King in disguise. Bloody hell that’s the plot of ever Viennese operetta from Die Schmetterlingsprinzessin onward. How the hell do you explain that? Ah well obviously these are questions for serious musicologists and I will leave it to them.

March 18 is Goddess of Fertility Day – perhaps a day when, should you not wish to be supporting someone until they finally leave home at 28, abstinence should be observed.

Lunedi Lunacy

Last week as I wandered through the treasure trove of Morecambe and Wise on YouTube I came across this gem. Who knew that Elton John was such a good comedian? Though the clips tend to show just the comedy segments this one includes Elton doing Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word. And it’s such a beautiful song done so beautifully that even though this is normally a place of Monday morning lunacy that it deserves to be included.

I was amused by one of the YouTube comments. The writer obviously had no idea who Morecambe & Wise were – and I guess really why should she – and said “I’m glad they had the good sense not to ruin Elton’s beautiful song with some of their nauty (sic) pranks.” Could be because they were consummate professionals who knew their business???? Elton John was their final guest on their last BBC show in 1977. And again the boys knew when to stop the clowning and let the man sing.

And this post is for my darling John – a day or two early for your birthday but then you just know I’ll forget it when the day comes around.

March 11 is Napping Day – take a nap or two to make up for the stupid time change yesterday.

Lunedi Lunacy

Well if further proof were needed of memory playing tricks on an old befuddled mind my description of Andrea Martin’s Ethel Merman take-off last week would be it. It wasn’t a KTel commercial and Dave Thomas wasn’t involved in it. No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere on the interwebs. However blogfriend Old Lurker came up with the goods so here’s Ethel setting the mood for romance and hot sex!

And in her comment on last week’s post another blogfriend Debra She Who Seeks reminded me of a great Merman impersonation by the lamented Michael Jeter. For me Jeter will always be Herman Stiles from Evening Shade, a TV series that was remarkable for it’s writing, directing and all-star ensemble cast. He was a talented actor, singer, dancer and, in this scene from The Fisher King Ethel Merman impersonator.

And when I looked over the Andrea Martin clips from SCTV I realized that I was confusing her Merman with the Queen of Depression Connie Franklin.

On that up beat note have a happy week!

On this day in 1754: Sir Horace Walpole coins the word serendipity in a letter to a friend.

Lunedi Lunacy

Yes I know it’s Christmas Eve and frankly having been out on Queen Street earlier today I can vouch that it’s the height of lunacy! But the one little bit of lunacy we have been delivered from this Christmas is the madness of driving – always dodgy at this time of year with stressed out shoppers – in snowy and icy conditions. Last Sunday a massive storm dumped a mountain of snow on the Island and we had a snow day. This Saturday it turned mild (11c – 52f) with heavy rain and fog and the majestic mountains of gleaming white have became pathetic little patches of dirty slush. It’s going to be a green Christmas.

However as I tend to be a pessimist I know this is only Ma Nature playing silly buggers with our minds. There will be enough future opportunities to end up “In the Ditch” as Kelley Mooney reminds us in this little ditty.

Kelley did two sessions at Island Jazz last week that put me in the mood for Christmas. Her album mixes the traditional with some personal pieces that celebrate Christmas here on PEI. She’s joined on this track by the fabulous Ian Toms on jazz guitar and Daryl Gallant on bass.

And don’t worry Kelley it will end – sometime in June!

On this day in 1968: The crew of Apollo 8 enters into orbit around the Moon, becoming the first humans to do so. They performed ten lunar orbits and broadcast live TV pictures.