Lunedi Lunacy

Well if further proof were needed of memory playing tricks on an old befuddled mind my description of Andrea Martin’s Ethel Merman take-off last week would be it. It wasn’t a KTel commercial and Dave Thomas wasn’t involved in it. No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere on the interwebs. However blogfriend Old Lurker came up with the goods so here’s Ethel setting the mood for romance and hot sex!

And in her comment on last week’s post another blogfriend Debra She Who Seeks reminded me of a great Merman impersonation by the lamented Michael Jeter. For me Jeter will always be Herman Stiles from Evening Shade, a TV series that was remarkable for it’s writing, directing and all-star ensemble cast. He was a talented actor, singer, dancer and, in this scene from The Fisher King Ethel Merman impersonator.

And when I looked over the Andrea Martin clips from SCTV I realized that I was confusing her Merman with the Queen of Depression Connie Franklin.

On that up beat note have a happy week!

On this day in 1754: Sir Horace Walpole coins the word serendipity in a letter to a friend.