A Quick Bit of Sharing

Normally when I do a “Sharing” post it contains photos from a recent trip and links to postings I’ve read on some of my favourite blogs. But this time its just one item.

My friend Larry over at Amoroma has always been a source of great enjoyment with his wonderful Advent Calendar, trips with the school and “birdwalks” through Roma and “beyond the walls”. He had taken a well-deserved rest in January – if a quick trip to the U.S., getting back into the school year and all his other interests and activities can be considered rest.

His first “birdwalk” of the New Year took him past a monument but not one of the old Roman kind. This is a sculpture by Mimmo Paladino not just to victims of the Nazi Holocaust but to all who would be potential targets of fascism, racism or discrimination.

A left click on the shackled hands will take you to Larry’s photos and remarks on a work that I find a true memorial to the Holocaust.  And hopefully a warning to future generations.

01 febbraio – Santa Verdiana