Memes for a Monday

Yes I know I took a bit of a sabbatical -again! – but I’m back to give my faithful feline frienda equal time.

The word for February 13th is:
Meow mē-ou′: [1. noun 2.verb]
1.1 The cry of a cat.
1.2 An interjection in response to a nasty or uncomplimentary remark.
2. Of a cat: to make its cry
Representation of cat sound, 1842, earlier miaow, miau, meaw (1630s). Of imitative origin, compare French miaou, German miauen, Persian maw, Japanese nya nya, Arabic nau-nau, and Joyce’s mrkgnao. In Chinese, miau means “cat.” As a verb in English by 1630s, meaw, also meawle. Compare Old French miauer “to meow, caterwaul.”

Memes for a Monday

I know I missed last Monday but I’ve put in a few more this week to make up for it.

Oh do I remember this sort. And that includes the guy who arrived on a snowmobile and was astound that the planes couldn’t take off in a blizzard.

A final thought for the day:

Oops sorry. This just in!

The word for January 30th is:
Clown kloun: [1. noun 2. verb]
1.1 A buffoon or jester who entertains by jokes, antics, and tricks in a circus, play, or other presentation.
1.2 One who jokes and plays tricks.
1.3 A coarse, rude, vulgar person; a boor.
2. To play or behave like a buffoon or jokester.
1560s, clowne, also cloyne, “man of rustic or coarse manners, boor, peasant,” a word of obscure origin; the original form and pronunciation are uncertain. Perhaps from a Scandinavian dialect (compare Icelandic klunni “clumsy, boorish fellow;” Swedish kluns “a hard knob; a clumsy fellow,” or from Low German (compare North Frisian klönne “clumsy person.” )

Memes for a Monday

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are but here it is freezing rain, high winds, icy roads and sidewalks and dark skies. You can’t call it winter, I’m not sure what you can call except s..t to walk a dog in!

And speaking of dogs …

And so you cat people can see what you’re missing:

The word for January 16th is
Poop poo͞p: [1. Noun 2. Verb]
1.1 A person regarded as stupid, dull or disagreeable.
1.2 Excrement.
1.3 An enclosed superstructure at the stern of a ship.
1.4 Inside information
2.1 To defecate
2.2 To cause to become fatigued; to tire.
2.3 To take (a wave) over the stern.
Stupid or dull person: from 1915 perhaps short for nincompoop.
Excrement,” 1744, a children’s euphemism, probably of imitative origin. The verb in this sense is from 1903, but the same word in the sense “to break wind softly” is attested from 1721; earlier “to make a short blast on a horn” (poupen, late 14c.).
Nautical meaning: c. 1400, from Old French poupe “stern of a ship” (14c.), from Old Provençal or Italian poppa, from Latin puppis “poop, stern,” a word of uncertain origin.

Memes for a Monday

Look at that – you turn around and suddenly its Monday again and time for a few merrie memes.

Well I’m thinking we better get some snow pretty soon here on the Island or its going to be a pretty green Winter Games. And I don’t mean ecological.

I no sooner type the above than they forecast a storm for tomorrow – followed by rain and temperatures in the “plus” range.

The man was a genius – he thought of everything.

One of those “charming” quirks that made life hard for a ESL teacher.

It makes the world go around.

Let’s not even talk about weight! Okay?

I became a bit wary when the cars started talking to us.

Psst! Psst! Hey Mister you want to buy a French postcard? Nudge! Nudge! Wink! Wink!

Unhinge your jaw; its almost time for BurgerLove here on the Island

How many times have I told you? Don’t call me …

I prefer to think of it as a virtue.

The word for January 9th is:
Wary wâr′ē: [adjective]
1.1 On guard; watchful.
1.2 Characterized by caution.
1.3 Cautious of danger; carefully watching and guarding against deception, artifices, and dangers; timorously or suspiciously prudent; circumspect; scrupulous; careful.
Middle English ware, from Old English wær.

Memes for a Monday

Think of this as a bit of a year end (yes I know that was two days ago) clearance sale of a few of the memes that have been hanging around the old draft folder.

For Doctor Spo – who I know is a Jungian.

Ain’t that the truth?

Where do I start?

One from the All Hallowstide folder.

Oh the irony.

I don’t know I was sort of pleased with the toasty warm lined socks I got for Christmas.


And one more from the Christmas folder.

The word for January 2nd is:
Irony ī′rə-nē: [noun]
1.1 The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.
1.2 An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning.
1.3 Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.
First attested in 1502. From Latin īrōnīa (perhaps via Middle French ironie), from Ancient Greek εἰρωνεία (eirōneia, “irony, pretext”), from εἴρων (eirōn, “one who feigns ignorance”).

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