Alive and Kicking

Been MIB* the past week or so what with trips to Ottawa to help save Canadian culture and a few things that had to be seen to here at home. Hopefully I can back to something vaguely resembling regular posts.

Laurent was speaking with our friend Pam earlier today and she mentioned that she was heading over to Richard’s at Cove Head Harbour for her first lobster roll of the season. It is almost embarassing that in three years here we’ve never tried what some people maintain is the best lobster roll on the Island if not in the world. So being as it was sunny and warmish – actually with that damned North-Easter blowing off the Gulf almost cold at the Harbour! – we decided to head up to the North Shore to judge for ourselves.

There must have been a pound of juicy lobster with just a touch of mayo and a scattering of chopped celery stuffed into that toasted bun. The fries and coleslaw were tasty and Upstreet’s Rhuby Social was the beer that matched it all perfectly. Only thing missing to finish off the meal as a summer taste of the Island was a scoop of Cow’s Ice Cream

Some brave – or stupid! – souls decided to test the waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence despite the cold and the swift undercurrents. Good luck to them says I!

And our opinion on the lobster rolls: two thumbs up – very high up!

*MIB – Missing In Blogging

June 23rd is National Pink Day. I’m not sure if it is the American singer-songwriter or the colour. If the later than I am in lucky that bit of sun I took today on my snowy white limbs is now sending of a pinkish glow.