Faith and Beggorah

To be sure…. to be sure….

I have held forth previously on the fact that as a Son of the Auld Sod (once removed) I will have little or nothing to do with singing songs about boys named Danny, women called Mrs Murphy who’s recipe for chowder includes underpants, or bleary eyes of any nationality accomplishing the near impossible feat for eyes of smiling.  I will partake of no beer that has been laced with spinach juice or worse to make my bodily fluids turn green.  And I will not kiss some stranger because they are wearing a green made-in-China sweatshirt proclaiming false citizenship*.   Nor will I celebrate some snotty nosed Briton who came over and drove all the little folk and fairies underground.  Mar sin ann!

And in the spirit of a true cráiteachán I offer the following as my tribute to the Blessed Mother-sweary wording Pádraig!

*Unless they happen to be ginger and built!

On this day in 1969: Golda Meir becomes the first female Prime Minister of Israel.

Lunedi Lunacy

In an earlier Monday Madness – yes faithful reader that’s what it means – I had posted Irish comedian Keith Farnan taking about, amongst other things, Irish dancing.  Farnan very astutely observes that Irish people really don’t know how to dance:  they just stand in one place until they get angry with the floor and start pounding on it chanting “I hate the floor.  I hate the floor!”.  Then they join a line of other people all hating the floor.  To which I will add a little goes a long way – in fact this example is just enough for me.

On this day in 1943: The Holocaust: German forces liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Kraków.

Lunedi Lunacy

Yes I know all this Irish stuff – but it will pass, as the actress said of her kidney stone!  But damn it my people (well okay my mother’s people but let’s not press the point) are pretty damned funny when they want to be – intentional or otherwise.

Dave Allen intended to be funny and for years made good on that intention on  British TV.  He was amongst the most controversial – and popular –  of entertainers in the later part of the 20th century for his laid-back observations on the political scene and things religious.

And speaking of the later did you hear the one about the nun and the…   wait I’ll let Dave tell it:

On this day in 1992:  The Toronto Blue Jays become the first Major League Baseball team based outside the United States to win the World Series.

Lunedi Lunacy

With our upcoming trip to Ireland I thought I should get into the mood with a touch of Irish humour – visual and verbal.

From an early 80s show on BBC here’s Irish comedian Dave Allen here’s a little sketch from the days when £10.00 was something pretty big – now it’ll buy you a coffee at Heathrow.



In searching for a more contemporary Irish comic I was hard pressed to find one that didn’t feel that swearing added colour to what is already a most colourful language; or who did not feel that they had to shout every punch line.  Mind you that may not be just Irish comedians from what I’ve seen.  However I did find Keith Farnan was right – that damned accent is pretty charming.



On this day in 1755: British governor Charles Lawrence and the Nova Scotia Council order the deportation of the Acadians.