Norse Legends – ???

I realize that both my faithful readers have been disappointed that there have not been pictures of craggy cliffs, fragmentary fjords and ferny forests or even a big bosomed breastplated Brunhilde in the past week or so. You’re in bloody Norway doing a fjord cruise is muttered as pictures of buildings in Toronto, art galleries in Amsterdam and works of art on a ship that fairly reeks of Kardashiana bling appear in post after post.

Well a few things in my defense. I had a period of 24 hour isolation when I reported a case of Gypy-tummy to the Medical Officer which means I missed the first fjord and the town of Eidfjord except the odd glimpse through stateroom window. An internet connection is almost impossible in the depths of the fjords (how do these people manage????) and when available doesn’t have the most cooperative bandwidth. And then the rain – ah the rain! Did you know that the city of Bergen gets 252 days of rain a year – take that Vancouver!

All this to say that posting has been a trifle difficult however pictures were taken, things enjoyed, and posts began. Many of them will be posted once we get back to home base, some of course will be consigned to the “I’ll do that later” bin ne’er to be seen again. In the meantime here’s a very rough video (no sound adjustments etc) of the view of the town of Geiranger at the end of the Geirangerfjord.

And you’ll notice this is a day late – it was impossible to upload the video on either the TGV or the Eurostar. Which by the way were two more interesting (???) episodes on this trip!!!

September 16th is Play-Doh Day but if that isn’t available in your playground then how about we celebrate Collect Rocks Day?