Lunedi Lunacy

I am writing this fully expecting that my faithful readers – both of them – have a sense of humour where Momma Mia and ABBA are concerning. Now I enjoyed the stage show as much as anyone when they did it here at the Confederation Centre as part of the Charlottetown Festival two years ago. As for the movie – well I mean I had seen the stage show and danced my buns off at the end so surely the obligation stops there? Right? RIGHT? Please dear god tell me I’m right? And as to Momma Mia 2, well … let’s no go there okay?

I might add that the Charlottetown Festival is reviving Momma Mia starting later this week. I’m going to see Anne of Green Gables.

July 29th is Lasagne Day and Chicken Wings Day as well as Lipstick Day. And somewhere in there we have to fit International Tiger Day. Any suggestions?

Lunedi Lunacy

“But how can you do a parody of Fellini, ” asked friend Robert when I mentioned I was posting these clips. “He’s a parody to begin with.”

And I must admit he has a point – some of the scenes in this Saunders and French sketch could have been lifted directly from a few – quite a few – of Fellini’s films without a single change being made. But Dawn French as Anita Ekberg has to be seen to be believed. And they may have been right: those sudden endings which we discussed so studiously in Cinema 203 – Finality in Italian Film – maybe they just ran out of money… or film!

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