Memories of …. Another Time

The downsizing I am currently experiencing means going through 60 years of “things” – knick-knacks, paintings, posters, books, CDs, household items, clothing and photographs. A few things have been put into the boxes for St Vincent de Paul or the consignment house without thought to where they fit in my life but more often unpacking something and simply turn it over in my hand has brought back memories of the many remarkable experiences and people that have crowded my life in the past six decades.

None more so than the photos that are neatly filed in albums or randomly piled in boxes or between book pages.   Admittedly in a few cases I’m at a loss to identify one or two people, the occasion or even the location but as I look at most of them the memories, and I will admit the tears, have come flooding back.

This photo was taken during my time at St Thomas Anglican Church on Huron Street in my Toronto days.

It was a Sunday evening choral evensong in late May and Patrick Bergin was being welcomed into our parish family.   Father Bull was officiating, the choir and acolytes guild were in full force and the church was full of family and friends of the Bergins.  It was a joyous parish event but as I think of it, just one of many joyous celebrations that I recall from my days in a place that was for a time a source of comfort, friendship and love.

16 novembre/November – Santa Gertrude di Helfta detta La Grande

Mercoledi Musicale

While I moan and whine about the move I’m pleased – a bit sadistically I must admit – to see that I am not alone in my misery. Our friends Beata, Tom and the girls are trying to get settled back into Ottawa after a long time abroad; Martin, Robert and Rufus are dealing with the first steps in moving into their new house; and Elizabeth – well Elizabeth has a great deal going on with moving into a new house, moving family and it would appear, unlike me, acquiring more things.

A few – a very few – of the chatkas that have found their way to St Vincent de Paul or the consignment house.  If memory serves its the tail end of the lot.  Papier-mache pumpkin anyone?

While our Liz is collecting more “stuff” we’re divesting ourselves of things – those banquet sized linen tables clothes and matching napkins (yes I know Cathy you didn’t expect that many!!!!), silverware, decanters, the second set of pots and pans, the three extra dinner services, those framed posters from the 70s and chatkas – lord help us the chatkas.  How many sets of dachshund shaped knife rests does one household need???  Many things have gone to Saint Vincent de Paul and many others – including our Mexican bedroom set – have gone to an consignment house here in Ottawa that specializes in Estate Sales.

Which brings me to my musical selection for today (stolen without shame from Elizabeth): a little ditty by the wonderful Cheryl Wheeler who seems to love Estate Sales as much as Liz does.  Maybe I should get them both to come up and take a look  – though it isn’t quite like “going through dead people’s houses” they’d certainly see “all the things we’ve collected”.  Maybe either one of them would be interested in a lovely set of dachshund knife rests?????

31 agosto/August – San Raimondo Nonnato