Bad Day at Black Rock – II

Reesie - unshavedAfter….All groomed (shaved?)There are worse things than bath day! Grooming Day! That’s bath day plus….
And when that stupid arthritis medicine gives you a skin condition its even worse. They bath you twice and then shave you almost down to the skin. Gives you that punk rock look. Not dignified at 91!

Will gives a rub.

And hits the right spot.
But at least the one with the glasses and thin hair feels guilty enough to give extra rubs and treats from the big magic black box in the kichen.

And the Little Dogs Laughed….

New Yorker Cover - Eustache Tilley by Rea Irvin I’ve read and enjoyed The New Yorker for over 40 years and nothing could have been more disappointing than The Complete New Yorker issued on 7 DVDs back in December 2005. It is a bug ridden, user-unfriendly mess and sits largely unused on the bookshelf with 80 years of incredible writing, advertisements, cover art and cartoons beckoning. But its just not worth the frustration of switching DVDs and grappling with an awkward interface. So little thought went into what should have been a landmark product.

Given that mess I was surprised to see that their new website design is so well-done and user friendly. Someone at Condé Nast has been thinking this time around.

Amongst the new features are animated cartoons which continue the great New Yorker tradition of Addams, Wilson, Booth, Thurber et al. Two of my favorites are the receptionist and the suggestion box – if only we had the nerve. And of course being the New Yorker there are one or two dog cartoons.