The Reese Report – A Further Update

Well tonight was trip two to the vets for a continuation of the homeopathic treatment. Dr Benvenuti had a full house tonight: a temperamental Irish Setter – we all had to make sure it couldn’t see our various pets, we couldn’t quite figure out what that was all about. A very effeminate man or a very masculine woman – couldn’t tell which – with a four week old kitten and his/her mother/wife/friend with a large but very gentle dog of unknown pedigree. Two young men with a big old orange cat saddled with an Elizabethan collar and a very laid back reaction to it all. And several other people coming and going with much to do – I undertand now how opera was born in Italy. Through the mayhem our Reese just sat there and only reacted when he saw a Golden Retriever parade by the window – much barking at that point – guess he was far enough away not to accept the challenge.

He was given another series of shots tonight – and for the first time let out a yelp when he was injected. When we got home he ate some of my minestrone mixed with tuna and is now sleeping. I would like to say I’ve seen an improvement but that may just be wishful thinking. We shall see what happens in the next 48 hours.

Again thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers and love. It has been incredible.

24 ottobre – San Antonio M. Claret

The Reese Report – Rome

Sleeping tin the Sun
I came into the kitchen hallway just now and found Reese stretched out in the sun on one of the carpets. He has never been big on the warmth of a sunny spot – that was always Bundnie’s thing (my girl, she was our first daschie and the bane of poor Reese’s existence for 12 years.) He has always preferred burrowing into two or three blankets in the comfort of his kennel but given the chill in the air maybe the warmth of the sun is comforting.

I wish things were getting better but after an initial “looking good” things have taken a downturn. He’s lost a good deal of weight and he’s not eating regularly – sometimes that chicken and green beans looks good other times he just sniffs it and turns away. One back leg in particular is not supporting his weight and he sleeps most of the time. He is still having accidents and the accompanying embarrassment.

We still really not sure what happened just over a week ago – they assured us at the Clinic that is was not from licking the medication we were apply to his skin which is a relief. The way things are going its almost like his immune system can’t handle things anymore. But we’ll go to the Vet’s tonight with all the test reports, get a professional opinion and talk things over with him. We don’t want to do anything rash but we also don’t want Reese to suffer. The quality of his life is going to have to be our main consideration in any decision we make this evening.

Thanks to all of you for your concern and thoughts – I know he doesn’t hear when I read them to him (and fool that I am I do)but….

23 Ottobre – San Giovanni di Capistrano

The Reesie Report – II

Just a quick update on Reese: he’s coming along, taking his anti-inflammatory medication, his antibiotics [unless he can carefully isolated it from its hiding place and delicately spit it on the floor] and behaving himself as always.

He’s back to playing some of his favorite games such as:

  • here I lie abandoned; no one loves me, cares for me or pats me
  • that food doesn’t really look very attractive in that blue dish perhaps if you hold it in your hand it’ll be more appetizing [my mother was right presentation is everything]
  • if I whimpering pathetically and look towards the kitchen my dinner will be served earlier

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, wishes, prayers and concern. You’re an incredible group of people.

PS: Lynette, two things: How’s dad doing? and what’s billy up to?

The Reesie Report

Things didn’t go too bad at the vet; much of what is happening with Reesie is because he’s an old dog and because he was paralyzed and had major back surgery. He never did regain total use of the one back leg and there is always the danger of atrophy or further spinal cord rupture. When he starts stumbling and refusing to walk the way he did the past few days I must admit I panic. I saw his sister go that way and it meant more surgery which at his age he just couldn’t handle.

Our vet – thank god old-style country vets still exist – hit on the problem within minutes. The poor old Reeserman had very badly impacted anal glands – something his sister had all the time but this is new with him. It was causing him pain – therefore the constant low whimpering – which combined with the limited mobility that he has had since the back operation created the problems with his back legs.

Within minutes of Dr Varney doing what he had to do – I won’t go into it here – he seemed to be better if highly offended by the procedure. I’ve been told to watch him carefully for the next day or two – like I don’t do that anyway – just in case. And we’ll hold off on the Rabies and micro-chip – not sure about Reesie but the 14 gauge needle scared the hell out of me.

Thanks to all you sweet wonderful dog-people out here – lynette and tater especially – I’m glad I’m not the only one that panics when my best bud turns poorly.