Memes for a Monday

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are but here it is freezing rain, high winds, icy roads and sidewalks and dark skies. You can’t call it winter, I’m not sure what you can call except s..t to walk a dog in!

And speaking of dogs …

And so you cat people can see what you’re missing:

The word for January 16th is
Poop poo͞p: [1. Noun 2. Verb]
1.1 A person regarded as stupid, dull or disagreeable.
1.2 Excrement.
1.3 An enclosed superstructure at the stern of a ship.
1.4 Inside information
2.1 To defecate
2.2 To cause to become fatigued; to tire.
2.3 To take (a wave) over the stern.
Stupid or dull person: from 1915 perhaps short for nincompoop.
Excrement,” 1744, a children’s euphemism, probably of imitative origin. The verb in this sense is from 1903, but the same word in the sense “to break wind softly” is attested from 1721; earlier “to make a short blast on a horn” (poupen, late 14c.).
Nautical meaning: c. 1400, from Old French poupe “stern of a ship” (14c.), from Old Provençal or Italian poppa, from Latin puppis “poop, stern,” a word of uncertain origin.

Memes for a Monday

Time for canine memes again.

Let’s admit it they have us as well trained as we think we’ve trained them.

I pass this little tip on only as a public service announcement.

You knew there would be religious meme, didn’t you?

We never do that – we have all eleven pages saved as a PDF for printout when needed.

I’m just surprised that the icon is a Scottie when a dachshund would fit the bill!

Oh come on! Admit it! It’s cheaper than a home alarms system.

True this:

I have given up all delusions – we are resolutely Frame #4.

And a final truth about dachsies:

But Edith Warton was right but x2!

The word for April 4th is:
Stubborn /ˈstəbərn/: [adjective]
Having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.
Middle English (originally in the sense ‘untameable, implacable’): of unknown origin. One theory is that the origin may come from stybor, *stibor, from Old English stybb (“a stump, stub”) + adj. formative -or.

Memes for a Monday

The first Monday Memes of the New Year are devoted to the canine species, but fret not my cat-loving faithful reader for next week will be a festival of felines. We have a policy of non-discrimination here at Willy Or Won’t He.

As I put this one together I have uncomfortable feeling that the authors have been lurking about our house.

As we discovered long ago – they know! They just know!

I have the model candidate to do the sound effects. Let’s just say that Nicky has perfected his technique on this one.

Whoever wrote this one has definitely been spying at our house.

This one reminds me of our friend Mark’s dog Arthur who expressed his separation anxiety by demolishing the door and the wallpaper around it.

Hey an accomplishment is an accomplishment.

Reading my dear Doctor Spo‘s Walking the Dog posts I am pretty sure that Harper is the dog that wrote these.

On our walks both Nora and Nicky often come to a full stop and stare at something that I can’t see. It never struck me that they were philosophizing – I will respect these moments in the future.

Every dog is a good dog if you’re a good master owner pack leader.

And finally this New Yorker cover not because it is particularly funny but because it touches me and I like it.

The word for January 10th is:
Pack /pak/: [1. noun 2. verb]
1.1 A small cardboard or paper container and the items contained within it.
1.2 A group of wild animals, especially wolves, living and hunting together.
1.3 A knapsack or backpack.
2.1 To fill (a suitcase or bag), especially with clothes and other items needed when away from home.
2.2 To cram a large number of things into (a container or space).
2.3 To carry (a gun) – slang.
Middle English: from Middle Dutch, Middle Low German pak (noun), pakken (verb). The verb appears early in Anglo-Latin and Anglo-Norman French in connection with the wool trade; trade in English wool was chiefly with the Low Countries.

Memes for a Monday

Yes we’re back on the Canine trail again. For anyone who reads Larry Muffin you know that the Hounds from Hell or more specifically Nicky has been the focus of our week. So let’s break the serious mood with a few doggie memes.

Barbarians! I tell you those meat eaters are barbarians!

Sounds like the god of the Old Testament to me – just don’t let the creationists get a hold of this one.

You have to admit the language is more richer and more descriptive:

Well this would be me! I once got down on the floor of a family run restaurant, after all the other diners had left, to play with two dachshunds.

The Hounds from Hell have destroyed every stuffed toy within 30 minutes of being presented with it – 10 minutes if it had a squeaker! Their only “shabby, old, beat-up” toy is me.


Try this will a sick puppy (well okay a 12 year old dachshund who is till your “puppy”) wearing a cone! Or better yet two 12 lbs dachsies without cones.

Of course they do. And so do big dogs and no jury in their right mind would ever convict them.

Oh come on we all know who is walking whom! Attn: Dr Spo!

And not canine related but just a thought for today:

The word for November 8th is:
Toy /toi/: [1. noun 2. verb]
1.1 An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something.
1.2. Denoting a diminutive breed or variety of dog.
2.1 To move or handle (an object) absentmindedly or nervously.
2.2 To consider (an idea, movement, or proposal) casually, indecisively or maliciously .
Late Middle English: of unknown origin. The word originally denoted a funny story or remark, later an antic or trick, or a frivolous entertainment. The verb dates from the early 16th century.
The person at the OED who wrote that first definition is obviously not a pet owner!

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