Lunedi Lunacy

Your lupins or your life!

As we drive along the highways and byways of our Island the roadside gullies are covered in glorious pink, mauve, purple and white blooms. Yes it Lupin season here on PEI. Fields of the hardy legume (yes lupins are actually a legume and have been used since Roman times as a food source) dotted the landscape as we took a Sunday drive to Orwell and Point Prim.

And watching them waving in the fresh sea breeze coming off the Northumberland Strait reminded me of the much fabled, in song and story, Dennis Moore.

This post is dedicated to my dear friends Maggie and Joseph – lupins have a special meaning for them.

So it appears that July 8th is Math 2.0 Day! Over the weekend we missed World Kissing Day on the 6th and Tell The Truth Day on the 8th. So much for no kiss and tell!!!