Memes for a Monday

Yes I know that commercially Christmas is over but I go by the church calendar so there are still 12 days of celebration in my book! (Though I have not convinced Laurent to buy me a gift for each day!!!!!!!) And besides I had a stock of Christmas memes that I had saved that I’ll be darned that I’ll let go to waste.
N.B. There will be the odd comment though not my usual witty and wise introduction to each meme. The old brain synapses are still making misconnections.

My friend David is House Manager at a theatre that presents The Nutcracker. He watched Clara do in the Mouse King 38 times this year. He deserves a medal – and danger pay.

Everyone has their own idea of a Nativity scene.

I’m still waiting for the invitation?

The bag is almost empty but I’ll leave you with this touching version of the Nativity. I posted it on a religious humour site I belong to and it has had over 4000 hits in the last few days. Of the 100 odd comments only 3 have displayed misandry. Interesting.

The word for December 25th is:
Misandry mĭ-săn′drē: [noun]
The hatred of, pathological aversion to, or prejudice against men.
Formed as mis- (“hatred”) + -andry (“men”) by analogy with misogyny; compare the Ancient Greek μισανδρία (misandria), from μισέω (miseō, “hate”) + ἀνήρ (anēr, “man”).

Memes for a Monday

Well I guess it’s time we stopped with the jokes and got down to the reason for the season!

I knew there had to be a reason we consume Meleagris gallopavo this time of year. My self I’ve always preferred goose but they are hard to find in these parts – hell in Poland you could buy parts! Ah well turkey it is.

I always felt that fruitcake got a bad rap! My father made an incredible fruitcake as does our friend John.

Given the latest news this may be deemed either too earlier or in bad taste. Or maybe just funny?

A reaction to hearing Mary Did You Know? for the 25th time in the local super store?

And you knew there were be a Little Drummer Boy meme, didn’t you? I was going to post the rather bizarre Crosby-Bowie version of this tiresome timeless song but didn’t want to be accused of going for cheap laughs.

Still too soon?

There is a reason he is called SAINT Joseph! Yes I know, I know! I’ll burn in hell for this one but chances are I was going to anyway.

I began with the explanation of one Christmas tradition so let’s end with another elucidation.

The word for December 20th is:
Elucidate /ēˈlo͞osəˌdāt/: [verb]
To make (something) clear; to explain
Mid 16th century: from late Latin elucidat- ‘made clear’, from the verb elucidare, from e- (variant of ex- ) ‘out’ + lucidus ‘lucid’.

Memes for a Monday

Let’s start the week with a little song to celebrate the recent snow here on PEI and in other parts of our True North Strong and Free(zing)!

Though the appearance of Christmas carols in supermarkets would suggest otherwise we have yet to enter Christmastide. It is that penitential season lead up to the Feast of the Nativity: Advent. A season for medication and moderation. So let’s get ourselves a cute Advent calendar to count off our devotions!

Well we reached the 24th on that one pretty quick. What’s next?

The two above will explain the one below.

And should you be giving gifts this year, here’s a helpful hack.

Unfortunately this hack didn’t work out quite as planned.

I know that several Ontario towns have become richer for filling in for charming New England villages but I am happy to say I have never seen a “Hallmark” movie. The cards were quite saccharine enough.

They tell me they positively drip with the syrup of human kindness.

This one is not Christmasy but I post it because I know my audience. Damn do I know my audience.

The word for December 6th is:
Hallmark /ˈhôlˌmärk/: [1. noun 2. verb]
1.1 A mark stamped on articles of gold, silver, or platinum in Britain, certifying their standard of purity.
1. 2 A distinctive feature, especially one of excellence.
2. To stamp with a hallmark.
Early 18th century (as a noun): from Goldsmiths’ Hall in London, where articles were tested and stamped with such a mark.

Memes for a Monday

Yes I know it isn’t the alternate Monday but I got this bag of goodies with best before date of December 25 so it’s now or wait until next year. To be frank with you, yah yah I know “don’t call me Frank!”, if I put them away now I probably won’t find them next year until its too late. So bear with me.

The panic buying would almost have you believe there was a pandemic going on!!

For some reason that lovely carol (only kidding!) The Little Drummer Boy is getting it this year. Unfortunately it’s also getting lots of replays – but not in our house!

It’s never been the same for me since Grace Jones sang it on PeeWee’s Christmas Special.

It could be worse – it could be David Bowie singing it with Bing Crosby. Do you believe, as I do, that Bing had no idea who the hell he was singing with?

And this late arrival from my old (as in high school years) friend Ginny:

It was always difficult trying to sell those Lords of Misrule a new number for their tired old act!

Continuing on with the myths of Christmas, another lovely legend is debunked.

Or if there is and it’s a Hilton there will be an exorbitant charge.

Once seen it cannot be unseen.

The Flintstones were about as historically accurate as the PBS series on the Tudors.

And one more hit and then like the kid with the drum, I’m outta here!

The word for December 21st is:
Drum /drəm/: [1. noun 2. verb]
1.1 A percussion instrument sounded by being struck with sticks or the hands, typically cylindrical, barrel-shaped, or bowl-shaped, with a taut membrane over one or both ends.
1.2 A cylindrical container or receptacle.
1.3 Archaic: an evening or afternoon tea party of a kind that was popular in the late 18th and early 19th century.
2.1 To play a drum of drums.
2.2 To beat (the fingers, feet, etc.) repeatedly on a surface, especially as a sign of impatience or annoyance.
Middle English: from Middle Dutch or Low German tromme, of imitative origin.
And not once does it indicate the sound they are imitating is “rum pum pum”.

Memes for a Monday

So here’s some Christmasy stuff – yes I know it’s still only Adventtide and we should be turning to meditation and preparation but again my blog my rules!

So let’s get the COVID related things out of the way first:

I’m not exactly adverse to the next bit of lockdown initiative:

Sometimes it not so much a “generation gap” as a chasm!

I just wish Santa would get me a copy editor and if he should happen to be young, blond and well-built I wouldn’t argue with that either!

And as usual a bit of musical humour:

Would that my iPhone knew the story of Hanukkah – last time I was at ER it was at 20% one minute and in the red and dying when I went to call Laurent 10 minutes later. Need the Miracle of the Batteries here folks!

And the usual a religious post, keeping in mind the “reason for the season”.

If only that ‘s all that Nora would eat!

The word for December 14th is:
Exchange /iksˈCHānj/: [1. noun 2. verb]
1.1 An act of giving one thing and receiving another (especially of the same type or value) in return.
1.2 A visit or visits in which two people or groups from different countries stay with each other or do each other’s jobs.
1.3 A short conversation; an argument.
2. To give something and receive something of the same kind in return.Late Middle English: from Old French eschange (noun), eschangier (verb), based on changer (see change). The spelling was influenced by Latin ex- ‘out, utterly’.
Oh so the idea behind a cookie exchange is that you give me cookies and I give you cookies. Why don’t we just keep our own cookies?

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