Lunedi Lunacy

It’s been a long while since I began the week with a bit of animated lunacy. There is so much out there that shows a wealth of talent, imagination and humour.

By the way I’m here to tell you that camels are the evilest beasts in Christendom – they’ll try to kill you in a heartbeat! The only time I was on one it tried to dump of a cliff in the middle of the night on Mount Sinai. And they have bad breath – really bad breath.

Okay so this plays to the stereotype of the bumbling dad but apparently that’s okay! Besides it’s a bit of a chuckle.

And because this is that sort of blog we’ll end with a bit of culture – a Bellinian call to arms!

The word for November 23rd is:
Animation /ˌanəˈmāSH(ə)n/: [noun]
1.1 The state of being full of life or vigour; liveliness.
1.2 The technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence.
1.3 The manipulation of electronic images by means of a computer in order to create moving images.
From the Latin “animātiōn“, stem of “animātiō“, meaning “a bestowing of life”. The primary meaning of the English word is “liveliness” and has been in use much longer than the meaning of “moving image medium”.
I am probably not alone in this in that I still prefer the moving images as described in definition 1.2.

Lunedi Lunacy

Since Debra still appears to be MIB* it’s time for my biweekly memeing (not sure if that is the correcting verbing – if there is such a thing as correct verbing???).

Given that I have committed the sin of turning nouns into verbs twice in one sentence let’s start off on a more sophisticated literary note.

And now for the puerility we were all expecting:

And for Jazz fans:

And of course there has to be dog memes or the post just wouldn’t be complete.

And let’s end on a positive note recalling what was the original intent – so they tell us – of social media.

*MIB – Missing in Blogging

The word for September 7th is:
Social /ˈsōSHəl/: [1. adjective 2. noun]
1.1 Relating to society or its organization.
1.2 Needing companionship and therefore best suited to living in communities.
2.1 An informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group.
2.2 A companion or colleague (antiquated 17th century term)
Late 15c., “devoted to or relating to home life;” 1560s as “living with others,” from Middle French social and directly from Latin socialis “of companionship, of allies; united, living with others; of marriage, conjugal.” Compare Old English secg, Old Norse seggr “companion.”

Lundi Lunacy

I had to admit that since I left FaceBook the memes and cartoons haven’t been building up the way they did in the past but the archives do have a few that still give me a chuckle.

For my musicians friends:

And of course for Nicky and Nora:

Not that anyone I know has become food obsessed over the past six months but:

And for those of a spiritual bent:

And finally just because it is the rule in our house x2.

The word for August 24th is:
Me /miː/: [1. pronoun 2. noun]
1.1 Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition.
2.1 In tonic sol-fa: the third note of a major scale. From mi first letters of mira the beginning of a Latin hymn.
2.2 As an abbreviation: Maine, myalgic encephalomyelitis, Middle English, Medical Examiner
1. Old English , accusative and dative of I, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch mij, German mir (dative), from an Indo-European root shared by Latin me, Greek (e)me, and Sanskrit .
2.1 Late ME from mi the first letters of mira in the hymn Hymnus in Ioannem.

Lunedi Lunacy


A few weeks ago our friend Yi brought this little cartoon to my attention so I thought I’d end the New Year celebrations by sharing it with you. It has little to do with the New Year or  Yuanxiao and to be honest I’m still not sure what the moral or story is – if indeed there is either – but find the animation charming.


On this day in 1797: The Last Invasion of Britain begins near Fishguard, Wales.

Lunedi Lunacy


I’m not sure if it was James Thurber‘s disastrous first marriage that set his “heroes” on the paths of marital misogyny but it would appear that home is not necessarily where the heart is as far as he is concerned.

(Thanks to Pam for putting me on to this clip – it was to be part of a very ambitious full length animated feature based on Thurber’s work. It was the only segment completed before it was deemed to expensive by UPA.)

On this day in 1916:  Piggly Wiggly, the first true self-service grocery store, is founded in Memphis, Tennessee.