Lunedi Lunacy

There was much a bit of a to-do in the British – for lack of a better word – press a while back when Daniel Radcliffe discovered the tragedy behind why his mother’s family changed their name on Who Do You Think You Are? The extremely popular BBC reality programme helps celebrities climb their family trees to uncover little known, – and the producers hope – tear-inducing, and audience-producing family secrets and picadillos.

The programme is in its 15th season and apparently pulls in audiences of around 6 million and the format has been licensed internationally. I was surprised to find that both the CBC and Radio Canada had done short-lived versions here.

This particular edition – thanks to Harry Enfield and David Walliams – involved a slight adjustment to the title but I’m sure drew millions to their tellys the night it was shown.

That last little comment refers to what became known in the tabloid press as Crowngate – a royal tempest in a demi-tasse about a mis-comment by a BBC announcer. Okay make that “another” mis-comment!

October 7th is Peat Cutting Monday in the Falkland Islands as well a Inner Beauty Day in the rest of the world. Nothing like the warmth of a peat fire to release that inner beauty.

Lunedi Lunacy

My last post featured actress Joyce Grenfell in two of her more “serious” sketches so I thought I’d start the week off with one of her more light-hearted vignettes.

Like her cousin the American monologuist her portrayals were never derisive or mocking – a gentle fun was being poked but always with affection and care.

July 15th is Gummy Worm Day as well as Cow Appreciation Day – I was trying to find something witty say about chewing cud but nothing worked. So go out and hug a cow and chew a gummy worm.

Lunedi Lunacy

At a wonderful birthday party on Saturday I was chatting with one of the guests and we were talking about how to keep the brain active as you get older mature and are no longer have the stimulus of work. (I am assuming here that work was stimulating????) Crossword puzzle, word quizzes were the first thing that popped into mind. She mentioned that she played along with show like Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire which I recall doing back in the days when we had a TV. I was pretty good at them – including the Italian version of WWTBAM – learned some really obscure Italian phrase on that one! But the British series Mastermind was a guaranteed 50/100 and on one or two occasions maybe 65/100.

The writing and wit on that Two Ronnies’ sketch is 100/100 – a brilliant piece of comedy writing. As is Eric and Ernie’s take on it.

Officially June 2nd was Leave the Office Early Day but given that it was Sunday it has been transferred to today. Not sure how as a retiree I’m going to celebrate that one.

Lunedi Lunacy

Much of this past weekend was taken up planning a bit of a vacation in September. The original plans had included a 14 day cruise on Norwegian from Southampton to the Fjords of Norway and a little jaunt around Iceland. However a few things put me off about Norwegian Cruise Line. After I had shown a bit of interest in the cruise I received three phone calls from their rep and six – count them six – emails within four days. When I finally made a tentative booking with deposit I received an email every day reminding of when the final payment was due. That and some of the reviews had me reconsidering.

So further investigating was done and we are now on a 7 days cruise with Holland America out of Amsterdam – only to Norway but with more forays into the Fjords that dot the coast. Iceland is not on the itinerary for the cruise but plans are being made to make a stopover in Reykjavik on the way over.

Which leads me to this little bit of lunacy for a Monday morning. Cissie Braithwaite (Roy Barraclough) and Ada Shuttlebottom (Les Dawson) are planning a holiday.

One of the things that mark these two “ladies of a certain age” as Lancashire lasses is the mouthing of words (or “mee-mawing”). It was a habit of mill workers trying to communicate over the tremendous racket of the looms, and it then worked its way into daily life for delicate subjects such as discussions of the “Kama Sutra”. And what Bert wants Ada to do … well you can just imagine.

May 27th is listed as Sun Screen Day which would be all well and good if we had some bloody sun!

Lunedi Lunacy

Not sure what the euphemism was in your house but in ours it was “I have to go and shed a tear for Ireland.”

So what was it chez vous?

Well it looks like the Duchess of Sussex missed International Midwives Day by one day and held off until today May 6th which is National Nurses Day. Caps off and in the air for all the nurses out there.