Lunedi Lunacy

Yes I know it’s Tuesday but at this point what the hell do days of the week actually mean?

Lately I’ve been watching a good deal of British comedian Hugo Boss – oops sorry he changed his name back to Joe Lycett just this week. As well as being a comedian he hosts Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back a Channel 4 programme devoted to taking the piss out of big companies with shady practices. That’s why he changed his name by deed poll to Hugo Boss. Apparently the fashion house sues any firm that uses the word “Boss” in any way, even a small family owned brewery in the darkest vales of Wales. But that’s another story.

Here’s Joe doing one of his routines at the Apollo. Now I must warn you that this is NSFW (unless you are working from home) and may considered to be un-PC so please no flames – they will be extinguished.

As well as big businesses Joe does like to take on internet scammers and he recounts one of his classics in this routine.

The word for April 28th is:
Taking the piss /ˈtākiNG //T͟Hē,T͟Hə/ /pis/: [idiom]
1. To deflate somebody, to disabuse them of their mistaken belief that they are special.
2. To take liberties at the expense of others, or to be joking, or to be unreasonable.
3. To tease, mock, ridicule or scoff
Derives from the term piss-proud. It’s first recorded, as so many such indecorous expressions are, in Francis Grose’s A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. As an idiom first appeared in the early 20th century.
And that is probably enough offense to give to my sensitive readers in one day.

Lunedi Lunacy

A few days ago I was reminded by YouTube and its wily logrithms of British comedy team Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller. I hadn’t watched them in a long while and they suddenly showed up with the suggestion that I might “enjoy” them. Damn your soul YouTube, you are right…. AGAIN!

Here’s Dennis Lincoln-Park – that quintessential BBC/PBS documentary talking head!

And what if two upper-class RAF pilots had spoke “chave”?

These two are obviously passed it… and I don’t mean Halloween.

And we know who to thank for all those bloody award shows going into overtime!!!!

November 18th is Push Button Phone Day – push button phone? Really? Push button phone? OOOOOOOkay.

Lunedi Lunacy

In 1927, as he watch the closing notice go up for Strike Up the Band after a few out-of-town performances George S. Kaufman observed, “Satire is what closes on Saturday night!” Despite a great Gershwin score the American audiences just weren’t ready for a musical that poked fun at trade tariffs on cheese leading to a war with Switzerland – or anything else for that matter. Hmmm…. wonder how it would work in today’s climate????

It would be funny, if it weren’t so disturbing, to see how many people, in their YouTube comments, miss the satirical intent behind these two sketches.

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse were known for “taking the piss” out of established “English values” from day one of all of their BBC series.

And satire has always been a strong suit of Canadian humour.

It has become standard practice at most cultural events – I have yet to see it at anything sports related but then when was the last time I was at anything sports-related? -to give what is called a Land Acknowledgement before the performance begins. This is mandatory if you are receiving Government funding of any sort. Unfortunately it has become almost rote, to the point that when it is being mouthed many people tune out or roll their eyes.

The performers at the CBC’s Baroness von Sketch put into words what many have thought as the cliche phrases following the admonition to turn off our cellphones are rhymed off! It is fine to mouth the platitudes but what is actually being done to rectify the problems?

November 4th is Common Sense Day which apparently isn’t all that common!

Lunedi Lunacy

There was much a bit of a to-do in the British – for lack of a better word – press a while back when Daniel Radcliffe discovered the tragedy behind why his mother’s family changed their name on Who Do You Think You Are? The extremely popular BBC reality programme helps celebrities climb their family trees to uncover little known, – and the producers hope – tear-inducing, and audience-producing family secrets and picadillos.

The programme is in its 15th season and apparently pulls in audiences of around 6 million and the format has been licensed internationally. I was surprised to find that both the CBC and Radio Canada had done short-lived versions here.

This particular edition – thanks to Harry Enfield and David Walliams – involved a slight adjustment to the title but I’m sure drew millions to their tellys the night it was shown.

That last little comment refers to what became known in the tabloid press as Crowngate – a royal tempest in a demi-tasse about a mis-comment by a BBC announcer. Okay make that “another” mis-comment!

October 7th is Peat Cutting Monday in the Falkland Islands as well a Inner Beauty Day in the rest of the world. Nothing like the warmth of a peat fire to release that inner beauty.

Lunedi Lunacy

My last post featured actress Joyce Grenfell in two of her more “serious” sketches so I thought I’d start the week off with one of her more light-hearted vignettes.

Like her cousin the American monologuist her portrayals were never derisive or mocking – a gentle fun was being poked but always with affection and care.

July 15th is Gummy Worm Day as well as Cow Appreciation Day – I was trying to find something witty say about chewing cud but nothing worked. So go out and hug a cow and chew a gummy worm.