BBQ Bitches

BBQ on the MallIt’s time for the annual porcine and fowl flesh feast on the Sparks St. Mall – the Great Chicken and Rib Cookout. Every year around this time BBQ teams from the U.S. and Canada set up their pits on the Mall – normally three or four blocks from our offices. This year someone took pity on us poor Transport Canada workers and put three in the gardens at our end of the Mall.

Waiting for Bad Wolf’s Best Missouri Centennial Award Winning Alabama pulled-pork sandwich – very tasty I must admit – I overheard this snippet from three Somerset Gay Ghetto Boyz in line behind me.

1st SGGBoi: There aren’t any pretty boys down this end of the Mall!

2nd SGGBoi: What do you expect? Its Transport Canada.

Me: Yeah, but we’ve got brains and we’re all incredibly well–hung!

Okay I’d didn’t say that but I wanted to.