More Sharing

Our friend Jack is arriving from Beijing tomorrow so I’ll be out and about for a few days showing him Rome; so I thought I’d do a bit of “stay at home” and blog read like crazy. Here’s a few more things that are definitely worth a peek:

  • Auld has a new porno site – well not really porno more like erotic cookery. The first post of Naughty Nibbles has a recipe to keep you heart (that’s heart okay) strong – Hoppin’ John.
  • Larry at AMOROMA has two posts about the Holiday season. Some great shots of their Christmas with Vincenzo’s family in Sicily; and a rather specialized Roman menu for the New Year.

And now for a few more totally unrelated and gratuitous photos from the back log of 2007. These were taken in late summer on Via Nomentana – the main street from our area into Centro – it was one of the great “roads that lead to Rome” and still is 2000 years later.
Aqua Marcia FountainA public fountain – part of the Aqua Marcia, the aquaduct system that supplied water to Ancient Rome and still does today.
A street side memorialIt appears that someone was killed at this intersection – probably a motorino driver – and friends have built a memorial at the site. This is common sight along highways, less so on city streets.
Shrine to the VirginShrines are found all over town and there are local societies or Schola that look after them. This one is in the wall surrounding the Russian Embassy – ironically an old convent.
An abndoned Villa on NomentanaNomentana was once lined with Villas, many like ours, have been turned into condominium parks. Owners of others, such as this one, have sold off the surrounding land and then abandoned what is probably designated as a historical building.

02 gennaio – San Bassilio