Chimney Birds

I was a bit startled when I took a quick first glance out the balcony window of our room at Xenonas Iresioni in Arachova. What the hell were all those birds doing perched on top of the chimneys?A closer look and I realized that they were chimney pots designed to rotate with the changing winds. A good idea in a place like Arachova where winds can, and did on Saturday, reach tree toppling force.
Chimney potStylized chimney potsChimney potsThese stylized birds may not be the traditional chimney pot but serve the same purpose: stopping down drafts, debris and real birds from entering the chimney.
Hawk potThe odd one had a more hawk-like aspect which no doubt kept the other birds at bay most effectively.

25 novembre – Santa Caterina d’Alessandria

The Navel of the World!

That’s where we going for our 30th anniversary – who says we don’t know how to celebrate in style???

Okay I should clarify – Laurent is scheduled to work in Athens the last week of November. Because our anniversary is the weekend before we decided to leave a few days early and celebrate in Greece. Yeah so what’s that got to do with navels? you ask. We’re going to head up to Arachova, a charming hillside town on Mont Parnassus near Delphi.

Clear now? No?

Okay, well according to the ancient Greeks, Zeus sent two sacred eagles from the ends of the earth to find the centre of the world. The eagles met over Delphi and it was declared the omphalos or “navel of the world.”

With the help of my friend Yannis we found Xenonas Iresioni, a lovely guest house in Arachova. We’ve booked a room with a fireplace because by November there should be snow on the ground and skiing season will have started. Skiing in Greece? Yes it appears that Arachova is a popular ski destination for upwardly mobile – and mobile equipped – young Athenians. According to my friend Parsi we can expect to see all the smart set with their SUVs converging on the ski slopes. That really won’t bother us as neither one of us skis – but they’d better leave room at the bar cause we both can do apres-ski very well thank you!

09 ottobre – San Donnino di Fidenza