April Fools – A Few Days Late

When Reese and I hit the backyard at around 0600 yesterday morning (April 5) it was apparent why you never remove the mulch cover in Ottawa until May.

The deck and a dusting of snow

Finding that old familiar spot
Sure it’s not going to stay but try and convince Reese of that – one day its green, next day its white. It can confuse a fella. And it’s hard to find your favorite spot when the ground is frozen.

A light dusting of snow... hmmm
Sort of romantic – broken branches from an ice storm dusted with snow ……..

No Barbie tonight Bruce

……. abandoned skeleton of a BBQ from summer

Nope still says bloody winter no matter how you dress it up. (Actually I took the BBQ out last weekend and forgot to put it back in.)

Romantic but deserted
Okay – this is romantic but notice even the birds find it too depressing to come around.

Spring Awakening

Not sure what flower this is
Again I'm dumb with the names of flowers
A type of snow drop... I think!
Could be tulips, maybe hyacinth

Around this time every year the garden starts to come alive again – and every year I am surprised that anything has survived the -35c winters. But survive much has and things are starting to show through the detritus of last fall and winter. But given this is Ottawa and it is only April 1st I’m not going to rush to uncover things – we could still have one or two more snow storms.

A Few Changes

There are all sorts of changes going on right now – Spring, Jobs, Location – so I thought I’d try a change of layout on the blog. Not sure if I’m quite convinced but maybe this one makes me look butcher? No not like a butcher I mean more… oh forget it!

All comments in the affirmative on the butch thing are welcome. Criticism on the rest of the layout more than acceptable.