Lunedi Lunacy

There was much a bit of a to-do in the British – for lack of a better word – press a while back when Daniel Radcliffe discovered the tragedy behind why his mother’s family changed their name on Who Do You Think You Are? The extremely popular BBC reality programme helps celebrities climb their family trees to uncover little known, – and the producers hope – tear-inducing, and audience-producing family secrets and picadillos.

The programme is in its 15th season and apparently pulls in audiences of around 6 million and the format has been licensed internationally. I was surprised to find that both the CBC and Radio Canada had done short-lived versions here.

This particular edition – thanks to Harry Enfield and David Walliams – involved a slight adjustment to the title but I’m sure drew millions to their tellys the night it was shown.

That last little comment refers to what became known in the tabloid press as Crowngate – a royal tempest in a demi-tasse about a mis-comment by a BBC announcer. Okay make that “another” mis-comment!

October 7th is Peat Cutting Monday in the Falkland Islands as well a Inner Beauty Day in the rest of the world. Nothing like the warmth of a peat fire to release that inner beauty.

Lunedi Lunacy

A matter of perspective!

One final piece of art from the Neuwe Statendam that tickled my funny bone with it sly lunacy.

Most people passed by this intriguing pile of brick-a-brack in the elevator lobby and either ignored it or sneered at “modern art”.

However if you looked through the aperture provided:

September 30th is Hot Mulled Cider Day – oh come on now the Christmas decorations don’t go up until at least mid-October!!!!

Lunedi Lunacy

I thought for a bit of Monday morning lunacy I’d post a few photos from the trip that really don’t fit into any particular category except perhaps a touch of the lunatic.

First let’s start the morning off with a scattering of clouds. Not those beastly ones that followed us on the cruise but the way we wanted them to be: fluffy, light, and cheerful.

The hierarchy of the streets in Amsterdam are: first – bikes, second – pedestrians, and finally cars. And one thing that became apparent were the very creative parking spots for bikes in Amsterdam and Utrecht. And we can’t even manage a bike lane in Charlottetown – it would be too disruptive!

Oh come on we’re talking Amsterdam here! Of course there was going to be a photo like this. Though I was happy to hear that the Mayor is working to get rid of the “window shopping” aspect of the Red Light District.

And this monument in Bergen was a tribute to the enterprising seafaring men and merchants of Norway. Perhaps I’m just imagining it but I think I know what the young sailor’s enterprise is! And what commodity the older entrepreneur was seeking. Tom of Norway anyone?

You ever been blow ashore Billy?

I’d recognize an image of Josephine Baker from 100 feet away – I just didn’t expect to see one on a canal barge AirBnB in Amsterdam!!!!!

Even muttering “pigeon pie” didn’t make this kit of the feathered rats move!

And to close the post an inscription on a bench in the Italian Garden that Prince Albert had created as a tribute to his wife Victoria. It brought a smile to my face. A left click will enlarge it.

September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day and I’ll just let each of you celebrate in your own way!

Lunedi Lunacy

Harry Enfield is not widely-known in this part of the world but he has been a staple of sketch comedy on British Television since the 1980s. He and writer/comedian Paul Whitehouse have created a series of characters whose popularity went far beyond their sketch shows.

Two of my favourites are Miles Cholmondley-Warner (Jon Glover) and his manservant Greyson (Enfield). First in a series of take-offs of those “information and educational” reels from the 1940s that they were still playing in Ontario classroom in the 1960s.

Obviously Mr C-W was very much of the “drape yourself in the Union Jack, close your eyes, and think of England” school of sex education. Again something that was very popular in the Ontario curriculum of my early school years. And I’ve been told that many members of the current government of that province are of the same school of thought.

The Cholmondley-Warner series was followed up by take-offs of incredibly sexist Public Service Announcements – all of which captured the look and the preachy spirit of those pompous little films.

August 26 is National Dog Day. National Dog Day has two goals: to honor dogs, and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. It’s an opportunity for us to recognize and appreciate the value and importance of dogs in our lives. Though we do not have the National Dog Day Foundation in Canada we do have local societies seeing to the welfare of dogs and other animals. They deserve our support. Our names are Nicky and Nora and we endorse this message.

Lunedi Lunacy

(Another) tempest in a teapot.

And it appears there is much out there these days that gives offense, as warrant a little episode here on the Island in the past few weeks.

It’s become pretty standard for bars and restaurants to put out sidewalk signs with (occasionally witty) little tag lines denoting the good times to be had within. During our very successful Gay Pride celebrations Terre Rouge, a restaurant here on Queen Street, put out this sign:

Just as a sidebar this was not the first version of the sign that appeared. That one used the appellation “Newfie” and someone complained so it was changed.

For my friends in less fortunate parts of the world who did not learn “I’se the B’y” in Mr. Hewitt’s grade two music class I will explain that as we travelled across Canada on our musical education just as “Aloutette” represented Québec “I’s the By” was the musical signature of our newest Province (1949).

Now I happen to find this funny but there were people who did not. Several complained that it was “homophobic” and at least one gentleman threw the sign on the street because he saw it as supporting those “godless fruits”. At least they found common ground in being “offended”. Now the irony is that the joke originated with the transgender cook and the manager and communication director of the restaurant are a gay couple.

But in our offending and offensive world it didn’t end there. The following week a staff member came up with this sign:

And you guessed it – someone was offended by the sign about being offended. ‘Tis indeed a mad world, my masters.

August 12th is Middle Child’s Day – time to binge watch Malcom in the Middle????? What ever happened to Dewey?