Lunedi Lunacy and then Some

It is highly unusual for me to post two Lunedi Lunacies in one day but I really had no choice – the Lunacies just keep piling up!

I will admit that I am not a fan (gasp of disbelief from the crowd) of most of the cult series – GofT, Downtown Monastery, Hitchhickers Guide or (shudder, followed by a gasp of disbelief from same crowd) Doctor Who.  So I was a bit startled today when I read that there are people who are ranting and raving that the oft-morphing character of the good Doctor is to be played by a (eye-roll, shudder, and gasp of horror and disbelief from misogynistic crowd) … by a…. by a….  WOMAN!  I shake my head, roll my eyes, shudder, and gasp in horror and disbelief that this sort of announcement would solicit a negative response.  Or frankly any response at all but that’s another story.

Imagine then my delight to find that my favourite theatre troupe – SFSPT – has greeted the announcement with their normal saucy tongue in toe approach.

I share this particularly for my good friend Rainey on the West Coast.   And with special thanks to the SFSPT for putting the world back into perspective.

On this day in 1794: The 16 Carmelite Martyrs of Compiègne are executed ten days prior to the end of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror.

Lunedi Lunacy

Well the summer theatre scene here on the Island is an extremely busy one.  In town we had the Charlottetown Festival, the Guild, and several smaller companies presenting musicals, revues, and “juke box” shows.  Out of town theatres are producing everything from Shaw to Simon with a bit of Norm Foster* thrown in.  However what seems to be missing is Shakespeare.

As someone who grew up with the Earle Grey Shakespeare Company on a midsummer’s eve in the Trinity Quadrangle and regular visits to Stratford it’s difficult to imagine summer without the Bard.  Surely somewhere on the Island there is a venue suitable for one of the lighter comedies?

But in the meantime to fill that void I turned to those sources of theatrical excellence – the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.

And as Stratford is celebrating their first production of Romeo and Juliet back in 1960** I thought the SFSPT (now that’s a mouthful) production bears viewing.

Romeo and Juliet – Part the First

Romeo and Juliet – Part the Second

Well that’s my Shakespeare fix for the summer attended to – now to head up to North Rustico for a touch of Shaw.

*Foster is the most produced playwright in Canada with over 50 plays to his name and this year alone 142 productions scheduled around the world from Germany to Australia.

**My lord can it be really 57 years ago that I saw Julie Harris, Bruno Gerussi, Christopher Plummer, Kate Reid and Tony Van Bridge in that incredible production?????

On this day in 1771:  Bloody Falls massacre: Chipewyan chief Matonabbee, traveling as the guide to Samuel Hearne on his Arctic overland journey, massacres a group of unsuspecting Inuit.

Lunedi Lunacy

Back in May of 2016 it was announced that the library on Fogo Island, the largest of the offshore islands on the east coast of Newfoundland, was to close.  There was concerted effort by the people of the Island to keep it open – protests, petitions, and confrontations with Provincial politicians.  The list of services that their library offer to the upwards of 3,000 people living there include:  Free Internet, Fax, Printing, Photocopying, Digital Camera loan, scanning, computer training, magazines, story time, audio books, DVDs and videos, and large print books.  It was more than shelves of plastic covered, thumbed, books – it was the heart of  learning, recreation, and community life.  Fortunately it is still open – for only three days a week but open none the less and still available to the residents of the Island.

I’m not sure what is more lunatic: the decision of politicians to “save money” by closing  libraries or Tracy Ullman’s musical threnody to the last day of a library in a small Welsh town.

At least Ullman’s is lunacy inspired by wit – the decisions made by the politicians by half that.

On this day in 988: The Norse King Glúniairn recognises Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill, High King of Ireland, and agrees to pay taxes and accept Brehon Law; the event is considered to be the founding of the city of Dublin.




Lunedi Lunacy


“Hello! Gordon’s Pizza?”

“No sir, it’s Google’s Pizza”

“Sorry, I must have a wrong number”

“No sir, Google bought the pizza shop”

“OK. Here’s my order…”
“No problem sir, you want the usual?”

“The usual? How would you know?’re under new management..”

“According to our caller ID, on the last 12 occasions you ordered pizza with cheese, Sausage, thick crust..”


“…May I suggest this time you have ricotta, aragula and dried tomato?”

“No, I hate vegetables”

“But what about your high cholesterol?”

“My high cholesterol? How would you know?”

“Through the Subscribers Guide. We have the results of your blood tests for the last 7 years”

“I don’t care, I already take medicine. Give me my usual”

“But you haven’t been taking your medicine. You last purchased a box of 30 and that was 4 months ago at Drugsale Network”

“I bought more from another drugstore”

“It’s not showing on your credit card..

“I paid in cash”

“But you didn’t withdraw enough cash according to your bank statement”

“I have another source of cash”

“It’s not showing on your last Tax Return, unless you got it from an undeclared income source…”

“Go to HELL! No more Google, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp or bloody pizza!  I’m going to a deserted island with no Internet, no cell phones and no one to spy on me!”

I understand sir, but you will need to renew your passport, your old one expired 5 weeks ago..”

Many thanks to Vicki for this terrifying little piece of very black humour.

On this day in 1886: The New-York Tribune becomes the first newspaper to use a linotype machine, eliminating typesetting by hand.

Lunedi Lunacy

Not really an Editorial but more of a Mild Rant.

Given the state of the world around us it is becoming more and more difficult to find anything that would strike most of us as lunatic – even here in the land of the understatement and the eternal apology.

03102017c_2_Super_PortraitA fine example would be the tempest in a Labatt’s 50 beer can about the logo for Canada’s 150 celebration.  Now this logo has been around since the previous government – a very salient point – unveiled it back in April of 2015.  Keep in mind this was a government that qualified as the Iced Tea Party of Canada but they had no problem with the multi-coloured stylized maple leaf.  At the time there was a bit of “tsk.. tsking” about the graphic itself being rather old-fashioned and too reminiscent of the Centennial logo from 1967 but that was pretty much it.

I find it inoffensive and I was surprised, in the past few days, to see that a certain segment of the “press”, a goodly number of the more conservative websites, commentors, and disseminators of badly adapted American memes have suddenly found it to be reeking of the “homosexual agenda” and the current government’s wish to destroy Canada.   Now I’m no expert on human behaviour but if all it takes is a multi-coloured maple leaf on a coffee mug to turn you gay then your sexuality was probably always a bit of a question mark.  And I had not realized our democracy was quite so fragile that a badly stencilled logo on a Made in China t-shirt could bring it down.

On top of that they tell us that the Evil Boy Emperor is trying to replace our flag – which so many died in two world wars to defend – with this offensive image emblazoned on a banner.  Now I am no big fan of EBE but I can’t find a bill tabled in the Commons to effect that heinous change nor has an “Executive Order” been issued as one site claimed.  Now that could simply be because we don’t have such an animal in our system*.  Surely if this outrage were in the works Harper Lite and company would be inarticulately raging about it in Question Period.  Also a quick history check shows that our flag was introduced in 1965 and at that time most of these people, or those like them, fought tooth and nail against it.

What can you say to these fearless “patriots”?  It’s a commercial logo created for marketing purposes for heaven’s sake: you know like the one on that sweater you wear while cheering on your favourite loosing hockey team.  And if you wait until July 2 you can probably buy a dozen of those coffee mugs at a deep discount and smash them to show your disdain for EBE, them homos, and those destroyers of the Canadian way of life.

I’m really not sure how you top this sort of lunacy!

*To be fair they might have meant an Order-in-Council but somehow I don’t think the writer knows enough about our Parliamentary system to be aware that such a thing exists.

On this day in 1927: The Cyclone roller coaster opens on Coney Island.