Sweet Sharing

I think I may have mentioned in a previous post the Italian tradition of “confetti”. Not the paper stuff that is so hard to sweep up and that you find under the couch two years after that really super New Year’s Eve party, but the small packets of sugared almonds given as gifts to the guests at weddings, christenings, first communions and other grand events. We were in Firenze for the day on Wednesday and in typical fashion I had an idea where the restaurant we were headed to was located but took a  wrong turn and went passed a store that’s sole purpose was to dispense – at no doubt astronomical prices – sweets to delight your guests and make the sisters of the mother-of-the-bride cluck their tongues in jealous righteousness at the expense of it all.

I thought I’d share two pictures of those sweet delights and also share the sweet delights offered by two of my dear blog buddies while I was at it.

As with so many window displays here this one has a touch of class and elegance about it without quite being over-the-top.  This whole shop just oozed “expensive”

Rosina Daintymouth – that’s the name of the witch in Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretal – isn’t the only one to make gingerbread houses to tempt unsuspecting innocents.  Over at She Who Seeks my blog buddy Debra chronicles the Gingerbread Houses that her Rare One, who is not – I might add – a witch, has constructed over the years to tempt her – nor I am implying that Debra is an “innocent”. So before I get myself into further trouble just click on the link and take a look at some tasty temptations.  

The elaborate packaging – flowers, faux-pearls, ribbons – hide the simplest of sweets: sugared almonds.  It would almost be a shame to open the packages and I have a feel that more than one nonna has a collection from family events on display in her china cabinet.

My friend Yvette and I often seem to be on the same track with postings and memories. Last week I wrote about presepe here and she shared a comment about her own crèche. Now she has written a lovely post recounting her childhood memories of growing up in Marseilles after the war and the delightful traditions that she encountered then and continues today. It fills my heart with joy to see that the rituals of a Provencal Christmastide are alive, well and being passed on to her grandchildren. And I wish I had a piece of that gâteaux des Rois and a glass of the vin cuit.

14 gennaio – Santa Macrina l’Anziana

Granny Get Your Gun!

I’ve been absent in the last few weeks from the blogging scene – both as a poster and as a reader. Things have just piled up and I’ve been getting that old familiar treading water feeling but hopefully the next week should be a better one and I should get back to regular postings.

Having said that I did see that one of my blogbuds has just had an anniversary. My Texas darlin’ Yellowdog Granny has been at this blog thing for five years. Five years – that’s a hell of a long time in the blogosphere. So for five years she’s been giving us the news and her views from West, Texas. She’s been making me laugh – thank god for Monday morning Stumbles; cry – I still miss Annie though Dexter has become one of my favorite cats; think – her views on life and her experience gives me a new perspective on my American cousins; and just damn well have a good time – where else would I have found out about Skunk Eggs?

I came to YDG through Sling when I was visiting over at his Domain and I saw this “dame” making irreverent comments. “Hey you can’t write that on the internet,” said I. So I went over and found out not only could you write that but a whole lot more. That would have been almost three years ago now and I don’t think I’ve missed a post since.

Now if someone had ever told me I’d become friends with an oft-married, gun-toting, ass-kicking”dame” from West, Texas I’d have checked what was in that brown bag they were guzzling from. But that is one of the joys of the Internet and blogging – you find people who, despite seemingly wide differences, you have a lot in common with. You find people who have passion and compassion.

You find people that you are glad you’ve met. And that my darlin’ YellowDog Granny would be you.

Big old bunch of Baci Cara – auguri e complementi. Here’s to five times five more!

13 marzo – San Rodrigo

I Blush

If you’ve scrolled through to the bottom of the blog you may notice that I’ve been given a new award. My friend JacqueSue, better known as YellowDog Granny felt kindly enough to include me in her list of people she wanted to receive the Bella Award.

YDG and I are a little bit like Donny and Marie – we’re almost the same age but she’s “a little bit country” and I’m a little bit “rock and roll”. Okay that isn’t really true she a good bit rock and roll too and I’m a little bit everything leaning heavy on the classical. But the point is that we have become friends – as far apart as we are geographically and as differing as our tastes may be, through this Internet thing we’ve come to appreciate each other as much for our differences as our similarities.

I look forward to hearing about what’s been happening in West, Texas because its so much a part of what makes her special. I’ve come to know how much Annie means to her and through her posts when she was sick, was concerned and worried along with her. I love it when she writes about her beloved Cowboys – don’t understand much about it but then she doesn’t get my opera thing. And I know I can be guaranteed a laugh when she posts her “Stumbles.” I enjoy her wit, her take on things, her wicked and warped sense of humour and the number of times she can use the word “fuck” in one sentence.

Now apparently there are rules with the Bella Award:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I’ve accepted the award with pleasure and posted it along with a way to get to over to visit with YDG (be warned that sometimes the posts are not for the faint-hearted or prudish, this is a woman who speaks her mind.)

I’m not going to pass the award along to 15 people – mostly because YDG has taken the links right out of my mouth for a few. But I will add four people – though at the moment the first three are so busy with work, family and homes that they don’t necessarily post on a regular basis. The fourth keeps us up to date with happenings in her corner of the North West US and beyond.

So I’m passing it on to four women I have grown to love and care about:

My Darling Dora – the hottest Lady in Red I know.
Cowbell – who’s let us in, though not as often as I wish, on the growings and adventures of her brood, the dogs and TOFH!
Elizabeth – an artist in so many ways, though chiefly in living.
Lorraine – our Rainey is the one active wench and here wench is a good word!

Here’s to you ladies!

13 maggio – Nostra Signora di Fatima