Odds and Sods Around Our House

Well these two items definitely qualify as “odds” but useful “odds” none the less.

Back in the day excitement would mount around our house this time of year. It was mid-October when the Christmas book’s from Neiman-Marcus and Howchow would show up in the post. As well as my traditional silver ball (will you ever grow up, dear reader?) there would be all sorts of things you never really knew you needed but ended up wanting. I know that these two goodies came from Horchow but I can’t be sure that it was from their Christmas offerings as we received catalogues from them fairly regularly.

The Horchow Collection Christmas Catalogue – 1978.

The Horchow Collection was the brain child of Roger Horchow, a former N-M buyer, who started his own catalogue company selling unusual high-end but not necessarily high-priced chachkas, table ware, household items, etc. The U.S. dollar was pretty much at par, the duties were low, and shipping cheap so many things found their way from the pages of Roger’s beautifully crafted catalogues to our home.

This eye-glass cradle has graced the bedside table in all our homes. Over 40 years of prescription lenses – attesting to my fading eyesight – have nestled safely and scratch free in the brown suede cradle. I couldn’t tell you how much I paid for it but it has earned its keep over the years.

I have three pocket watches, which I really must write about one of these days, but back when I purchased this plexiglass cube I had only one: a souvenir of the days of the Ottoman Railway. It is a beauty and well worth displaying – wouldn’t you know that Horchow just happen to have something to display it on.

Both are certainly odd items to have around the house but damn have they come in handy over the years.

The word for October 12th is:
Tchotchke /ˈtʃɒtʃkə/: [noun]
1. A small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket – often inexpensive.
2. A pretty girl or woman (slang)
A North American Yiddish word (c. 1960) deriving from a Slavic word for “trinket” which has many variations depending on the country e.g. Ukrainian tsjats’ka; Russian tsatski; Slovak čačka etc.
Yes I know I used the chachka but as I discovered the variations are as numerous as there are tsotchke in Aunt Zelda’s china cabinet.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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