Thanksgiving 2021

Last year I wrote that “at this traditional time to consider what we have been given and to express our thanks I have had to dig a little deeper in counting my blessings.” This past year has required much less digging. I find that in spite of anything that has passed in the last 12 months my good fortune has been as bountiful as in times past.

I have my small family – Laurent, Nicky and Nora – around me in the comfort of a lovely home. I am surround by people – near and far – whose friendship and love have made life rich in laughter and love. Though we let our guard down during the shortened “tourist” season Provincially we are still being guided in a thoughtful and caring manner and are the safest place to be in Canada. Yes I’ve had some medical problems but they are being seen to and I live in a country where it was decided long ago that Universal Health Care was a right not a privilege. A country that, despite Media attempts to paint it otherwise, is stable and prosperous.

Looking back over that list I see very little that has changed. And perhaps that is what I should be most thankful for: a life of continued bounty.

The word for October 10th is:
Thanks /THaNGks/: [noun]
1. An expression of gratitude.
2. A colloquial way of expressing gratitude
Old English thancas, plural of thanc ‘(kindly) thought, gratitude’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dank and German Dank, also to think.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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