Memes for a Monday

Watching our friend Jean-Paul trapped between two puppies on the sofa last week and scratching two backs I’m ready to give this theory credence.

This could well be our Nora – except replace the socks with mulch bark. Don’t ask!

And I defy any dog owner to tell me they haven’t tried this one!

You have to wonder what it is with dogs and cats – how do they know?

Dog as a language is much like Chinese there may be few words but there is a myriad of tones!

But not good enough to make Momma Mia worth watching!

This would be for Jim B. – he knows all about herding breeds.

Referencing today’s first meme – apparently it’s called evolution. In our house we call it spoiling..

The word for September 13th is:
Myriad /ˈmirēəd/: [1. noun 2. adjective]
1.1 A countless or extremely great number.
1.2 (chiefly in classical history) a unit of ten thousand.
2. Countless or extremely great in number.
Mid 16th century (in myriad (sense 2 of the noun)): via late Latin from Greek murias, muriad-, from murioi ‘10,000’.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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