Memes for a Monday

Some dogs, some cats and a human.

To be honest I haven’t been watching the Olympics – it is so beyond the original intention of the Games and so mired in corruption that it’s not worth it. IMO

However for Joan, Vicki, Deb and all those who are feline fanciers, here’s a few sports you may be familiar with:

This is Nicky logic to a tee!

Perhaps if more of us spent time doing this than staring at a screen (yes I do see the irony) the world would be a better place.

Can you blame him? I mean sometimes a cigar butt is just something you pick up off the street to munch on. Until the human you own pries it out of your clenched jaws. Hey Sigmund you want to talk about trauma?

A now for a break from the canine:

I mean was there ever a doubt?

I had to Google the reference but I do like the idea that Emily’s immense love for Clifford made him grow so big.

And this is definitely our Nora.

This is probably not a Charles Schultz original but the thought is pretty close to the truth.

And to end on a human note. This is how I’m feeling after tests, x-rays, pokings and prodings.

The phrase for August 2nd is:
Fits to a T (or tee)
It means “exactly, precisely, perfectly” and is an old expression dating back to the late 17th century (“All the under Villages and Towns-men come to him for Redress; which he does to a T,” 1693). The “t” is a shorten form of the word tittle “a tiny amount or part of something” or “a small stroke in writing” – such as the cross mark on a T.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Memes for a Monday”

  1. Fave comment /cartoon: ‘Was there ever a doubt?’ ❤️ 💕 ❤️

  2. I liked the last one. If my doctor says to me one more time when I tell him my symptoms that it is because I am old I am going to hit him.

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