Ivory and Gold

As we stood there Reesie got between us and gave his characteristic little bark that said “Pick me up!”. How could we not include him?

According to the internet today is the day that Laurent and I should be showering each other with gifts of ivory and gold. Fourteen years ago we decided that after a trial-run of 29 years that it was time to make it legal. Most days it seems like the right decision. I say “most days” because unlike my mother who maintained that in their 40 years of marriage there had “never been one cross word”, we’ve had one or two in the past 43. And any couple that says they’ve done otherwise is living in a fool’s paradise or outright lying. But as any couple will tell you it’s the making up that’s fun.

So fourteen years ago:

How will we be spending the day other than showering each other with ivory and gold? Well we’re at the cottage here at Yankee Hill but we’ll head over to New Glasgow and The Mill Restaurant for a quiet dinner a deux.

Happy Anniversary P.
From P.

About Bloody Time! – a post about what was planned for that day 14 years ago.

The word for July 21st is:
Anniversary /ˌanəˈvərs(ə)rē/: [noun]
The date on which an event took place in a previous year.
Middle English: from Latin anniversarius ‘returning yearly’, from annus ‘year’ + versus ‘turning’.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

9 thoughts on “Ivory and Gold”

  1. Encore autant de bonheur à venir!
    you two (plus quatre pattes) look gorgeous! bubbles will bring you joy and eternal youth!!! My best wishes Willym and Laurent even if I am late joining you …

  2. Happy Anniversary! Was it that long ago. I remember it well. May there be many more.

  3. Often I am skeptical of the abbreviated courtships of this modern age, but I guess it worked out for you two. Happy anniversary! I hope you take up some of the lewd suggestions from your other post.

  4. How wonderful to have it captured on camera. You both look very dapper. Love to both. JP x

    1. JP – how wonderful to hear from you. You are missed and Laurent and I both hope that you are okay during this dreadful pandemic. Please take care of yourself. xx

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