Memes for a Monday

Something musical to start the week off:

After my old friend Gary lay for two hours hooked up like this, he got up and went home so he could get some sleep.

Seems to me that Brother O’Leary had the makings of a Jesuit!

For my niece Stephanie???

Reminds me of the first computer I ever worked on!

And here’s a cooking hack to help you in the kitchen this week.

And let’s end on a classical note:

The word for January 18th is:
Smidgin /ˈsmijin/: [informal noun]
A small amount of something.
id 19th century: perhaps from Scots smitch in the same sense.
And then of course you have your old jot and tittle.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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