Throwback Thursday – Food Glorious Food

Sadly I do seem to have run out of Gratuitous videos of the Hounds from Hell for real. And things around here are rather routine these days with nothing of great excitement taking place. So when in doubt, as so many of us have recently, I turn to the comfort of food.

With the advent of summer – I’ve been assured we will get something resembling summer at some point – it’s time for a bit lighter fare. The less time spent in the kitchen the better so I thought I’d share a recipe from this date (July 9) in 2009.

I haven’t made it in several years but given that some really lovely tomatoes are currently on the market and tuna in olive oil was on sale this week it may just make it’s way onto a menu this coming week.

Willy Or Won't He

Some how or other I never got around to posting this – and given the Saint’s name day how could I have forgotten. Anyway better late et al. And it was a great, though sadly our last, evening with Yves, Rolando, Joe and Peter. That’s the way of life in the foreign service as people move around from post to post.

Well yes we are – tonight as we say goodbye to two of our colleagues at dinner – we are starting with tuna salad. But not just any old Tuna Salad. Back in March when I was in Barcelona I had THE TUNA SALAD! It was around 1400 and we were heading up to the Gaudi Parco Guell. The old tummy was suggesting that food was in order but the pickings for sustenance were a bit scarce in the area – a sandwich shop appeared to be the…

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Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Food Glorious Food”

  1. Uncle Pervy will survive no more gratuitous HFH videos. I will just have to rewatch the ones provided.
    Now, how does one eat the Tower of Tuna – slice lengthwise and hope for the best or remove the layers, slice and eat? I think of my English relatives where etiquette is everything – you can only use a knife and fork (always together – never separately particularly the knife – all sorts of vision pop into my head in connection with the knife solo)
    It looks delicious and I will definitely try it.
    Thank you for the wonderful posts. They bring joy to my day.

  2. When you have a successful movie franchise you do not stop just because you have run out of material. Instead you churn out remakes and sequels to keep the public entertained (just ask Disney).

    With that in mind, I think it is time to round up your old film crew to prepare new materials. Tracking down your old gaffer or key grip without the assistance of Facebook might be tricky, but so long as you can round up the canine movie stars and that delicious voiceover artist you should be golden.

  3. Yours is the third blog entry I’ve read this evening mentioning real proper tomatoes and I am ready to weep. I miss them so.

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