A New Revelation – I

A video that a friend shared on Facebook this morning (which I will put up on a separate post) reminded me of one of those occasions that brought pure joy in the theatre. A joy that was about the energy of sharing something with a group of performers and 900 others that I fear may be a thing of the past. I can only hope with all my heart that fear doesn’t become the reality of the future.

Willy Or Won't He

At the end of last week’s performance of Revelations by the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre I joined the rest of the audience at the NAC in the ubiquitous Ottawa standing ovation – a tradition which I abhor with all my being. But in this case the pure energy that this marvellous troupe gave off as they launched in to the joyous dance that Ailey created to “Rocka My Soul” more than 50 years ago had  me on my feet clapping and swaying along with the rest of the audience.

Indeed the whole evening, that had begun with Streams – another Ailey piece, was an energizing experience.  But the company, recently revitalized under new artistic director Robert Battle, doesn’t rely on energy alone: the Ailey tradition of a solid ground in the techniques of ballet married to the modern, Broadway and ethnic dance forms was evident in all the dancing.  Ulysses…

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